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Sunday Summary – October 11, 2015

Another week is in the books for welcoming a new writer explaining the big issue of affordable housing plus some of our regulars with closer looks at bike trails and streets, plus a small assortment of pictures, maps, and videos. Big issue department Affordable Housing Is An Industry, Too is an introduction to the affordable […]

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Late Show with Stephen Colbert Intro

Have you seen the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert? In general, would recommend, he’s managed to keep the same general sense of humor from The Colbert Report but with a more serious bent. He’s a great interviewer. But most importantly, check out the intro video: That’s the best! Love that tilt-shift, it’s like the […]

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At Long Last, Warner Road Bridge Trail is Open

A key bike route in the east metro that has been closed for construction for the past two years was finally reopened this week. The Sam Morgan Regional Trail, which follows the northern/eastern banks of the Mississippi River through Saint Paul, is sandwiched between Shepard/Warner Road and the river. The trail was closed while Ramsey […]

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Affordable Housing Is An Industry, Too

On September 30, Minneapolis Councilmember Alondra Cano hosted an energetic public forum on the topic of gentrification. “Gentrification is lurking,” said one speaker. Almost everyone agreed about who to blame: rich private housing developers, eager to make an easy buck on luxury condos. And the panelists mostly agreed about the solution, too: more affordable housing in […]

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Where Do You Want To Ride?

This photo shows Ramsey County Road E in Arden Hills, MN. Along with rebuilding of the bridge over Highway 51 (Snelling Avenue) in the distance ,this section was somewhat rebuilt (extreme overlay) during the summer of 2015. The building on the right is student housing for students of Bethel University and The University of Northwestern […]

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That Stop Sign Has a Gun

That Stop Sign Has a Gun

John Akre tells us a story about a stop sign with a gun. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, please consider becoming a member.

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Roadkill Bill – City Council Meeting

I’m taking a break from coloring ancient Roadkill comics to gain more time to finish the second book of Bicyclopolis. Enjoy: is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, please consider becoming a member.

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Sunday Summary – October 4, 2015

A relatively light week for posts here on, but perhaps that’s a chance to remind readers to look at (or contribute to) our events calendar, consider writing for us, continue the discussion on our forum, and/or become a member of  Then take a look at the From the Network links on the right […]

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Booted From the Hollow; Bounced From the Flats

Saturday, April 18, 2015 Macalester-Groveland, Hamline-Midway, Frogtown, Payne-Phalen (Swede Hollow), Downtown, West End, Highland Park Garages: intentionally functional but not usually stylish and seldom worth more than a glance, but today I saw two within a couple of blocks of each other that break the stereotype. It’s not a garage in the strict sense of […]

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US Toll Systems inter-operability map.

Mn-Pass Lacks Electronic Toll Collection Interoperability and Technology

On Oct 1, 2012 the federal Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) legislation came into effect, which among other things mandated that all Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) facilities on federally funded highway be interoperable by Oct 1, 2016. That would mean that someone from Maine could use their toll transponder in California. […]

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A-Line aBRT Station at 46th & 46th

Arterial Bus Rapid Transit Could Save Us From Ourselves

Hey, what’s this? We’re on 46th Street in South Minneapolis, heading to Minnehaha Park–looks like we’ve got some cones and some metal pipes and a whole bunch of that sidewalk braille along the curb, kind of like at a…train station. That’s no train station–it’s an arterial bus rapid transit station, under construction. What’s arterial bus […]

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Shop Closer to Home

I’m trying to get a new theme working, doing only posts with a thesis short enough include in a four word title. The good news is, you can stop reading now, because you already know what I’m going to say. For those of you not heeding my advice and plunging headlong into the next paragraph nontheless, I’ve been thinking […]

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Where Have All the Masons Gone?

The quality of masonry in the built environment has dropped significantly in the past century. I would like to blame this on the rise of the Anti-Masonic Party and William Wirt, unfortunately for my desire for a tidy history, that was in 1832, and preceded the decline of masonry by about a century. Furthermore, freemasonry and stonemasonry in practice are not terribly […]

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