Map Monday: All Minnesota Jobs, 2010

Probably one of the most comprehensive maps you’ll ever see is this “dot map” of all the jobs in the USA according to census tract, and colored according to census categories. Here is the map at a couple of different scales, showing Minnesota, the Twin Cities metro, and the 494 corridor… [One Dot = One […]

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People crossing a street on foot holding a banner that says Stop for pedestrians at every corner.

Sunday Summary – August 2, 2015

Here’s the week on to read before you play in the summer sun: Happening now Stop for Pedestrians. We Mean It This Time highlights Saint Paul’s Pedestrian Safety Awareness Week which begins today. Saint Paul Police (and District Councils, too) will be spending the week doing intensive education and enforcement about crosswalk laws. More on bikes and […]

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Podcast #86: Planning Campus Bicycling with Steve Sanders and Tyler Schow

And the podcast is back after a long hiatus. Today I have a special conversation with University of Minnesota student (and contributor) Tyler Schow and Steve Sanders, the alternative transportation manager for the University of Minnesota. Tyler, Steve, and I chatted about how much the University of Minnesota campus has changed for bikes in the last […]

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Chart of the Day: Speed Kills

We’ve seen a version of this chart before on, but in light of Pedestrian Safety Awareness Week in St. Paul (August 2nd – August 8th), it bears publishing again. [Source 1: Killing Speed and Saving Lives, UK Dept. of Transportation, London, England. See also Limpert, Rudolph. Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Cause Analysis. Fourth […]

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People crossing a street on foot holding a banner that says Stop for pedestrians at every corner.

Stop for Pedestrians. We Mean It This Time.

Beginning this Sunday, August 2nd, it’s Pedestrian Safety Week in St. Paul through the following Sunday, August 9th. This year, the St. Paul Police Department has a grant from the Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths program to do focused education and enforcement for pedestrian safety. Starting at the National Night Out on August 4th, city police […]

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Chart of the Day: Transit Labor Efficiency in NY Metro Area

Via Alon Levy’s great walkability and planning website, Pedestrian Observations, here’s a chart showing transit operating costs using two different payment models: [Note: these data are from New York City commuter rail, e.g. the Long Island Railroad or LIRR and Metro-North, a NYC commuter rail line.] Levy has a lot of information on how scheduling and […]

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The Single-Tracked World of American Railroading

Here’s a map I put together using the Federal Railroad Administration’s Highway-Rail Crossing Inventory database, focusing on the number of main tracks at public grade crossings across the country. The main thing to see is that the vast majority of our rail infrastructure is single-tracked, only allowing trains to travel in one direction at a […]

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Roadkill Bill: Second Class Citizens

Ken and Roberta Avidor are packing their art supplies for another multimodal  traveling and sketching journey up to Bemidji via Jefferson Lines and down the Paul Bunyan trail on their Bromptons which means work on Bicyclopolis Book 2 will cease for the moment.  Do not despair for here is another Roadkill Bill comic from the era when cell […]

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Sunday Summary – July 26, 2015

A lazy summer week here on with many quick looks in the Charts and Maps, some fun, and only a couple of posts about hot topics – yes, the discussion does continue about LRT projects in the Twin Cities. But don’t stop here; did you know you can continue discussing the issues below and […]

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Saints Transit Victory: The Anti-Bus Stops Here

Thanks to you, the outcry over recent transit-oriented injustices at the Saint Paul Saints game led to swift action. At last night’s Saints game, the Metro Transit sponsored race around the bases, which has been documented as a sham and widely publicized on this website, was resolved. For the first time ever, the Metro Transit […]

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Traffic Signals Abroad

As the next part in my ongoing series of traffic signals and controllers, here is a look at what the rest of the nation, Canada, and the rest of the world do differently than Minnesota. Minnesota vs the Rest of the Country 1) As I’ve mentioned before, protected only turns (where left turning traffic has […]

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