streets.m(ad)n(ess) – Call for Nominations

What a time to be alive! There’s a lot going on around here: cranes and trains all over, new bike lanes, new parklets, and new possibilities! In the spirit of getting in on the March bracket-making action, we are happy to announce the first annual streets.m(ad)n(ess) Tournament! Using the suggestions of you, our readers, we’re going to […]

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Chart showing warming temperatures relative to average over 20th century

Chart of the Day: Annual Global Temperature Anomaly relative to a Base Average

From a blogger that devotes their life to debunking climate denial comes this chart… If you’re younger than 30, you’ve never experienced a month in which the average surface temperature of the Earth was below average. […] The variability we observe in surface temperature comes primarily from understood patterns of weather. Many have heard of El […]

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Roll With Us Transit Challenge: March 1-7, 2015

This might be of interest in the community, particularly given the controversies associated with whether elected and appointed officials should and do use of the modes they are supposed to manage. Organized by a coalition of local advocacy groups, the “Roll With Us Transit Challenge” will be an excellent illustration of where transit works well, and where […]

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Pedestrian and Bicycle zone in Houten.

The Pedestrian Treatment

With Minneapolis getting its first Woonerf, we can start to think about reallocating road space more seriously. Over the years, many writers on have suggested a number of potential ideas in the Twin Cities for pedestrian treatment. While the radicals among us may want to ban cars altogether (at least in cities), the realistic among us […]

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Sunday Summary – March 1, 2015

It’s March, that month when the snowplows are still working, but construction season is on the horizon. Here’s all the news from with posts which plow deep into issues, clear up confusion, and try to build better conversations on the way to better cities. Think about adding your voice to this effort by writing […]

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Video thumbnail

Gil Penalosa: Pedestrians First

Last summer, I was hired by the Knight Foundation to accompany and film a study tour taking a look at how the city of Copenhagen reinvented itself. 8-80 Cities founder and chair, Gil Penalosa, sums up the main pillar of creating livable communities in this first in a series of four videos when his says […]

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Static version of Real Time MetroTransit Bus information map from Kevin DeRonne.

Map of the Day: Real Time Bus Information

A researcher at the University of Minnesota now has a live map to find real-time bus locations from MetroTransit. The Number 67 is shown. Blue is eastbound, Orange westbound. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, please consider becoming […]

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The Difference Between the Tax Levy and Taxes Levied, and Why Wellstone Was Right

Minneapolis city budget negotiations this year sparked a public conversation about city finances and the details of budgeting. There was one piece missing, however, from the public conversation. It is the difference between the tax levy and the taxes levied. The former is the targeted budget set by the city. The latter is the method […]

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How the City of Minneapolis Actually Influences Building Design

The following City staff counterpoint is a response to Tom Fisher’s recent article, “Enough visual interest, already!” The article was published online February 13, 2015, and appeared in print the following day. This counterpoint is co-authored by Jason Wittenberg, the Manager of Land Use, Design and Preservation for the City of Minneapolis and Kjersti Monson, the Director of […]

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