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Chart of the Day: Growth in Post-College Residency

Yesterday, I found an interesting article in the New York Times about which cities are rapidly growing their young 20-something (post-college) populations.     This is growth rates, not overall numbers, so the results may be a bit misleading. For example, Boston has huge numbers of post-college grads because of the massive amount of colleges in […]

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Map Monday: Places and Non-Places in Phoenix

This is from a recent post on the Strong Towns blog, a kind of figure-ground map of “places” and “non-places” in downtown Pheonix. Not only does this map remind me of the famous Nolli map of Rome, it seems to rhyme with Nate Hood’s map of parking in downtown Saint Paul. To me the concept of “place” […]

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Podcast #73: The Great Railvolution Debate

The podcast this week is the audio from the special panel at the recent Railvolution conference that took place in downtown Minneapolis this September. Earlier this year, some of the conference organizers approached the board about setting up a panel session that would feature a bunch of our writers debating key issues from […]

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Charts of the Day: More Millennial Trends

Here are three more charts from the USPIRG millennial transportation report that came out this week (mentioned yesterday)…   There are a whole lot of similar trends in the report, which analyzes how meaningful the low-car trend might be, and looks at some of the likely causes of the millennial shift away from driving. The […]

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Chart of the Day: Millennial Mode Share

Even though I think might want to add a ban on the word ‘millennial’ into its stylesheet, this week an interesting report came out from USPIRG about transportation habits of the generation that is just slightly younger than me (i.e. “millennials”) called “Millennials in Motion.” It comes complete with a bunch of interesting charts like […]

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Chart of the Day: Charles Jencks’ Architectural Evolutionary Tree

If you’re into architecture, this is a riveting attempt to place most of the 20th century into an “evolutionary tree,” made by the theorist Charles Jencks…   I like how Le Corbousier shows up all over the place, including under “purism”, near “brutalism, and somehow under the category “Unselfconcious 80% of environment” (whatever that means)… […]

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Chart of the Day: Minnesota County State Aid Highway Funding

Here’s a chart from the Minnesota House Research primer on the state’s County State Aid Highway (CSAH) system (which I referenced in last week’s post on the transportation planning debate).   It’s a bit complicated. For example, according to the House Research document, For 2013, the excess sum is $133.9 million or around 28 percent of […]

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Map Monday: Neighborhood Funding in Minneapolis

Here’s a map from a recent Star Tribune column on Minneapolis’ long-standing neighborhood engagement funding showing the “unspent funding” allocated neighborhood funding for each of the city’s neighborhoods.   The history of this program is complex, but connects to debates over civic engagement and tensions between renters and homeowners throughout the city. The article is a […]

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Three Things You Should Know about the Suburban Equity Cry

Last week, I wrote about the theatrical five-county meeting and whether or not the suburban counties’ claims to injustice had any merit. You’re welcome to pore over the suburban manifesto for yourself, or read my asinine translation. And over at Minnpost, I wrote about about how the normally opaque political wrangling over regional transportation investments […]

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