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What Would a Bumper Sticker Say?

Here’s an idea that wormed its way into my head during the writers’ picnic the other day. If made bumper stickers, what would they say? Some ideas: My other car is a [blank] If you can read this, [blank] Honk if you love [blank] ??? is a non-profit and is volunteer […]

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Seven Things You Need To Know About Nice Ride

“Bike share is pretty new, and there are a whole lot of things about Nice Ride that aren’t really solved yet.” – Bill Dossett   You might have noticed that and Nice Ride Minnesota are trying something new: getting ideas from you, the interested public, about how best to plan our metro’s innovative bike sharing system. We […]

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Map Monday: Real Time Nice Ride MN Station Usage

OK, there’s an amazing bike share data website made by a British geographer and data visualization expert named Oliver O’Brien, that has real time information showing bike share dock availability for dozens of bike share programs all over the world. Here’s the snap shot of Nice Ride MN dock usage as of a few minutes ago: […]

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Chart of the Day: Climbing “Mount Auto”

Here’s a chart from the new book by writers David Levinson and Kevin Krizek called “The End of Traffic and the Future of Transport,” all about trends that are changing how we think about transportation. I managed to get my hands on an (appropriately electronic) copy of it, and it’s full of great charts. Here’s one […]

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Chart of the Day: Road Funding by Source

Via the Strong Towns Podcast, here’s a chart from a report called “Who Pays for Roads?” by a public policy think tank called The Frontier Group. Note that this shows all levels of government: Here’s what the report says about the chart: By the early 2010s, road user fees accounted for less than half of current highway […]

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Map Monday: Midwestern Electricity Plants

Via the Washington Post, here’s a detail from a beautiful map of all the electricity plants in the United States, colored and sized according to type and capacity. The details for Minnesota are highlighted: I general, I guess you can say that Minnesota has a balanced energy footprint. We’re not as coal-heavy as many Midwestern states […]

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