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Chart of the Day: Police In-City Residency by Race

Well, there was an interesting discussion on this week about resiency requirements for police officers. Minneapolis used to have a residency requirement until 1999. Today, they’re one of the lowest cities in the country in terms of percentage of police officers who live in the city. (at least, this is true for white officers.) Here […]

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Expanding Diversity (Part II)

Over the last few months, an ad hoc group of interested writers and readers here on have started a conversations about cultivating diversity on the website. (You can read all about his effort on Cassie’s post from June, and I encourage you to do just that… especially the comments!) Back in July, some of us […]

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Chart of the Day: Minneapolis City Budget

This is a great new bit of data journalism from the Star Tribune you can explore… the city budget in square-chart form. Check out the size of the Public Works budget. Anyone have any good ideas on how to save taxpayers some money? is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support […]

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Chart of the Day: Average US Fuel Economy since 1975

Here’s a chart that appears in a (less-than-groundbreaking) discussion about peak vehicle miles traveled, showing average US fuel economy since the 1970s. According to the page (Peak Oil News): The graph also shows that, with the second oil crisis, mileage restarted to increase, but by far not as fast as in the 1970s. There is […]

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Chart of the Day: MSP v. US Transit Rates

Comparing transit rates for different cities and (college) towns in the United States, Minneapolis-Saint Paul is currently ranked #31 behind older East Coast cities, college towns of all stripes, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Portland/Seattle/Salt Lake. Is that where we should be? [via 538, ranked by total rides, not by per capita transit usage] is […]

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Friday Photo: Avoiding Future Egrets

[The normally scheduled Friday photo person is off today.] Here’s a picture of an egret hanging out on a park bench on Raspberry Island during the recent flood in Saint Paul.   This is a horrible picture. Let’s not let this happen again. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your […]

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