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Chart of the Day: US Homeownership by Race 1994 – 2009

There was a fascinating post the other day on Matthew Kahn’s excellent Environmental and Urban Economics blog that detailed some counter-intuitive data about racial inequality in the US. One of the charts seems fitting for this site: This is one of a few charts that Kahn uses to illustrate that, despite everything, the gap in racial equality […]

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Chart of the Day: Square-Meter-Minutes per Commute Mode

Here’s a fun chart [actually a graph] from the VTPI (via Planetizen) that combines speed with the amount of land required to support the different modes, resulting in the fun unit of measure “square-meter-minutes”:   According to the author, the chart reveals that: Since each car requires road space plus two to six parking spaces (at […]

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Why I Love Community Meetings About Parking

When you get involved in urban planning, it can be a real learning experience. One of the things you learn is that there are a lot of passionate people who care deeply about their neighborhoods, and want to share their thoughts with their neighbors in constructive ways. When strangers come together through positive dialogue, most […]

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Caption Contest!

This wonderful photo came across our desks yesterday via Metro Transit’s Twitter: Caption contest! Place your ideas below. They will be evaluated according to sarcasm. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, please consider becoming a member.

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The 5 Hottest Celebrity Undeveloped Parcels Under 30

[This post is adapted from a recent (very well written) article over at Minnpost; no offense is intended.] There’s nothing hotter than an undeveloped parcel. Which Twin Cities undeveloped parcels are the hottest? Find out with our latest rankings. [On With the Hotness List!] #6 The site: Superior Plating The location: the corner of 1st Avenue […]

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