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Chart of the Day: Perceived Comfort for Bike Lane Types

If you’ve been paying attention to bike infrastructure over the last few years, you know that protected bike lanes (aka cycletracks) are trending. We’re planning on building more of these in the Twin Cities and around Minnesota, and of the key reasons why is that they help people feel more comfortable and protected while they […]

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Chart of the Day: Salt Use by Industry over Time

Here’s a chart from this neat article on the history of salt de-icing on US roads. It all started in New Hampshire, but you can see the growth of de-icing salt (the green line on the chart): As the article explains, all this salt has a bit of an impact on the local nonhuman environment: Just […]

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Map Monday: The Second Great African-American Migration

Here’s a timely map for you for MLK day, showing the “second migration” of African-Americans from the South to the North following World War II. Here’s the map showing how regional migration followed specific railroad corridors: There’s a lot of history to this, and I recommend Isabel Wilkerson’s excellent history, The Warmth of Other Suns […]

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