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Real Life Graphic Designer Looks at City Logos II: The Return of the Refreshed

[See also the first installment of A Real Life Graphic Designer Looks at City Logos, where an actual professional working-for-a-large-Twin-Cities-company graphic designer discussed the logos of Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Duluth, Apple Valley, and many other Minnesota cities.]   Bill Lindeke (BL): Hello how are you today? Do you have time to chat? Real-Life Graphic Designer (RLGD): Great. […]

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Chart of the Day: Vehicle Miles Travelled 2014

Via Planetizen, here’s an informative chart about an oft-discussed topic here on annual vehicle miles travelled. The nice thing here is that it attempts to correlate VMT with other economic and demographic data:   Planetizen’s Steve Polzin has a few prescient takeaways: Fuel prices and a soft economy were important contributors to slowing VMT […]

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Chart of the Day: Central City Share of Subsidized Housing

Here’s a hot-button topic that’s been popping up in the news lately: the argument that subsidized housing isn’t being built in the suburbs, but is being concentraed in the central cities Here’s one of the charts from Myron Orfield’s Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity, showing the where subsidized housing is being built: Peter Callahan at Minnpost had another […]

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Map Monday: Time Lapse Photos from 1939

Via CityPages, here’s one of those aerial slidey before-and-after maps of Minneapolis: Play with it. Maybe this’ll put the ‘then and now‘ feature out of commission. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, please consider becoming a member.

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Chart of the Day: Forecast Greenhouse Emissions by Mode

Via Todd Graham on Twitter, here’s a chart that shows traffic projections that I can get behind: future emissions by mode in Minnesota, given some assumptions about traffic and fuel. Here are the projected changes: For anyone serious about climate change, thinking about mode share and transportation patterns is crucial to actually slowing our emissions growth. It’s […]

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Chart of the Day: Visual Field at Different Speeds

Last week’s post on “The Critical Ten,” the difference between driving at 20 and 30 miles per hour, generated an intriguing conversation over at Streetsblog about what, exactly, science can tell us about perception and speed. I included this chart (given to me by folks at an engineering firm), but writer Alex Cecchini tweeted […]

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Chart of the Day: Common Forms of Distracted Driving

As the Star Tribune’s Tim Harlow pointed out recently, distracted driving is a huge problem that seemingly everyone is ignoring. Here’s a nice chart from AAA about what actually is doing the “distracting”: While this chart kind of reminds me of one of The Onion’s infographics, it’s still informative. AAA seems to focus on teens, […]

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Chart of the Day: Global Migration Between Continents

Zooming out a bit from’s typical scale of concern, here’s a beaut of a chart depicting global migration patterns: Here’s a bit about how to read the chart, from the website that published it. You can click over to the site to see longitudinal data and to explore the chart in detail. […]

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