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The Mothers, Le Sueur Minnesota

Main Street – Le Sueur, Minnesota

Le Sueur, Minnesota is not a county seat. But it is town that looms large in my mind as the home of the Minnesota Valley Canning Company, originally based in  Le Sueur, which became Green Giant – now a subsidiary, like all Minnesota food innovators (Pillsbury, Totino’s, Jeno’s, etc. of General Mills). Unfortunately it appears the Green Giant […]

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Bicycle Trust Fund

On the Minneapolis Community Indicators project, someone (undoubtedly not a bicyclist) suggested bicyclists should have to pay a fee or license to use bike lanes (an idea totally tangential to the idea of the Indicators project which is about measuring success). This drew some snarky comments on the super-secret writers-only exclusive mailing list, and was ultimately silenced […]

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Water tower in Gaylord, Minnesota

Main Street – Gaylord, Minnesota

Our second stop on the 2014 Minnesota County Seats tour, after Glencoe, is the nearby town of Gaylord, county seat of Sibley County. It won the prize of County Seat after a dispute with Henderson, near the eastern edge of the County.       With a population of 2300, it is just under half the same size […]

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The Enterprise, in Glencoe

Main Street – Glencoe, Minnesota

In my family’s quest to visit the county seats of Minnesota, on a Sunday morning in early November we went on a trip to Glencoe, Gaylord, Le Sueur (not a county seat), and Saint Peter. We had never been to Glencoe before, and in all honesty, would find it unlikely to be there again, as […]

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A trolley in Fort Worth

That’s Transportainment

Transportation and entertainment are ever inter-twined. Every movie is a road trip*, and not just the obvious ones, like Thelma and Louise or National Lampoon’s Vacation, or Apollo 13. The linear narrative of  movies is constrained to follow the single dimension of time, marching ever forward. While attempts at braking the strict linearity are possible […]

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Henry Winkler as Fonzie "Jumps the Snark" on a Cunningham family vacation to Hawaii in Happy Days.

Jumping the Snark?

This past week we at experimented with what we called “Snark Week”. While our readership remained roughly constant with recent non-holiday weeks (actually slightly up), some of our loyal readers gave us pushback. Was it perfect? No, nothing is. Was it too much? Maybe. We will probably wield the Ax of Snark a bit more […]

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Spruce Tree Center, Saint Paul Minnesota Painting by Carolyn Swiszcz, 2001

Midway Airport

The St. Paul Ports Authority, in concert with Metro Transit, has decided to replicate Chicago’s successful example and build a new airport at Midway. Just as Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is on the Blue Line, the new St. Paul Airport at Midway [Airport Code; SPAM] will be conveniently located at the junction of the Green Line and the […]

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