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Cloquet Gas Station - Exterior

Broadacre City in Minnesota

Frank Lloyd Wright is a renowned as a great architect. His city plans are less well-loved. In the 1930s he proposed Broadacre City, a new American landscape where everyone would have an acre of land, a car, and a gyrocopter. Fueling those cars requires gasoline. Gasoline requires Gas Stations. FLW, being an architect, had a gas […]

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What would make I-94 better? | MPR writer Bill Lindeke was on MPR today (August 20) to discuss I-94. LISTEN Rethinking Interstate 94 33min 3sec Guests Brian Isaacson: I-94 Project Manager, MnDOT Bill Lindeke: One of the editors of transportation blog; member of the Saint Paul city planning commission is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to […]

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Canadian Bank of Commerce Building, Thunder Bay Ontario

Main Street – Thunder Bay, Ontario

Okay, Thunder Bay (map) is not quite in Minnesota, but it is the largest city northeast of Minneapolis, larger even than Duluth with over 100,000 people (though of course, when you get talking about metropolitan areas, the numbers change). “Thunder Bay” didn’t even exist as a named place until 1969, it was formed by the […]

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Metropolitan State University's new parking ramp

At Metropolitan State University Parking Defeats Education

Susan Klingenberg writes to about an article from 2 years ago: Mis-structuring employee parking charges: An example from a local university, about beleaguered Metropolitan State University. The facts in this letter have been corroborated by Metropolitan State University staff. Relevant documentation can be found in this PDF, compiled from email messages to the Metro State Community: MSParking1. […]

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Oak Street Protected Bikeway, Minneapolis (at Washington Avenue)

The Five Stages of Roadspace Repurposing

with Kevin Krizek. Five stages of repurposing. Places across the globe are at different points on the spectrum about repurposing roadspace, away from storage of cars, and toward movement of people. We (undoubtedly mis-)apply the Kübler-Ross model of grief felt by the motorist at the forthcoming loss of automobile roadspace for cycling facilities. A similar […]

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Using Zip Codes, these are the number of jobs in Downtown Minnepolis over time.

Chart of the Day: Downtown Minneapolis Employment

Downtown remains at steady state. Square footage is set to increase with the opening of the new buildings in Downtown East. Will that increase total employment or just shuffle desks? Data: Year Downtown Minneapolis Employment 1980 148000 1990 155000 2000 171000 2002 159000 2012 158000 is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely […]

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Railroad Crossing Exempt

Now Exempt

Follow up on my Buses and Railroad Crossings post from August 11, 2014. At some point recently an “Exempt” sign was added, so buses need no longer stop here (the railroad crossing on Franklin Avenue adjacent to I-94). The line has been essentially unused since Bemis closed stopped getting shipments. The site is now being reconfigured as Brickhouse Lofts. In […]

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Main Street – Hutchinson, Minnesota

Someone on an earlier post said all the action in McLeod county is in Hutchinson, not the County Seat of Glencoe, so I should go there. So I did. Hutchinson (map), 61 miles due west of Minneapolis, is certainly a bit livelier than Glencoe, with nearly three times the population. There is an important public square […]

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The town is in the shadow of Hermann the German.

Main Street – New Ulm, Minnesota

New Ulm, Minnesota, (map) in Brown County, is the local urbanist small town Utopia. New Ulm is definitely in good shape as small towns go. Having a college (Martin Luther) in town is good, but its location away from Main Street means it doesn’t interact as much as Carleton in Northfield. It parallels the Minnesota River, […]

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