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Walking to School

The State Non-motorized Transportation Advisory Committee

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is currently seeking people to apply for open positions for the State Non-Motorized Transportation Advisory Committee. Application are online. Applications submitted by today, November 24, 2015 are given full consideration. However, we will consider applications until all positions are filled. So please read below, apply and forward to others. We appreciate your help in getting this […]

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Official Plan for Twin Cities Grand Rounds (Minneapolis Missing Link Study, p. 15)

Minneapolis Grand Rounds + Saint Paul Grand Round = Twin Cities Grand Infinity

Minneapolis and St. Paul are blessed with extensive park and parkway systems, among the best in the country, with iconic design. These parkway systems, envisioned by  H.W. S. Cleveland in the late 1800s have yet to be completed. In Minneapolis, there is a missing link in the less loved section east of the Mississippi River. A comprehensive study […]

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The Museum of Surface Parking - Minneapolis

The Museum of Surface Parking

The University of Minnesota, along with M-Health, are about to open a new branch of the Museum of Surface Parking (the MSP) on Oak Street at Fulton in southeast Minneapolis, in front of the new Ambulatory Care Center. This is wonderful news for those in the local Museum-going community, the site will help 21st century college […]

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Route 22 New Signage, Called for by Gets Results

This post is authored by various writers. Please donate to for the “streets to the max” day! Thank you for your support. Cities are subject to the observer effect, the observer cannot observe the city without changing it. So, as we approach our 4th Birthday, what have posts on done to change the […]

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A Red Tesla

Riding in a Tesla with AutoPilot (2015)

In the Fall of 2015, the electric vehicle maker Tesla remotely upgraded its most recent model year cars (about 50,000 vehicles) with “Auto-Pilot”, making them semi-autonomous (according the NHTSA scale, late Level 2, early Level 3). Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, says he expects fully autonomous vehicles within 3 years (i.e. by 2018). I got to […]

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Goldie Gopher: We want you to ride the train (Rebecca Barney)

A Post About Posters

The London Underground is famous for its iconic posters (as well is its maps, logo, and font). While Twin City Rapid Transit had some posters as well, they did not reach the same level of artistry. (If anyone has a link to an online trove of such local posters, link in the comments). As an in-class exercise […]

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Central Library, source: wikimedia commons

Official Business

We have new officers effective 12:00 am October 25, 2015. At our most recent meeting on October 24, held at the Hennepin County Central Library in Minneapolis, the Board elected unanimously the following officers: Bill Lindeke,  Chair Nick Magrino, Vice Chair – [Chair of Personnel Development Committee] Betsey Buckheit, Secretary –  [Chair of Editorial Council] Sam Newberg, Treasurer –  [Chair […]

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