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A trolley in Fort Worth

That’s Transportainment

Transportation and entertainment are ever inter-twined. Every movie is a road trip*, and not just the obvious ones, like Thelma and Louise or National Lampoon’s Vacation, or Apollo 13. The linear narrative of  movies is constrained to follow the single dimension of time, marching ever forward. While attempts at braking the strict linearity are possible […]

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Henry Winkler as Fonzie "Jumps the Snark" on a Cunningham family vacation to Hawaii in Happy Days.

Jumping the Snark?

This past week we at experimented with what we called “Snark Week”. While our readership remained roughly constant with recent non-holiday weeks (actually slightly up), some of our loyal readers gave us pushback. Was it perfect? No, nothing is. Was it too much? Maybe. We will probably wield the Ax of Snark a bit more […]

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Spruce Tree Center, Saint Paul Minnesota Painting by Carolyn Swiszcz, 2001

Midway Airport

The St. Paul Ports Authority, in concert with Metro Transit, has decided to replicate Chicago’s successful example and build a new airport at Midway. Just as Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is on the Blue Line, the new St. Paul Airport at Midway [Airport Code; SPAM] will be conveniently located at the junction of the Green Line and the […]

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Teamsters Local HQ, University Avenue, Minneapolis

Territ Downs

Territ Downs is, sadly, a fictional community. This post is looking for the buildings in Minnesota that belong in Territ Downs. Buildings for which a surface parking lot compares favorably. Not simply buildings which are minimal but functional, but buildings which are hostile to the rest of the world. Buildings you wonder how got approved. […]

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Parking meter in Uptown

Holy Parking Meters, Batman

  R: No policeman’s going to give the Batmobile a ticket.   B: No matter Robin, this money goes toward building better roads. We must all do our part.   R: Holy taxation, you are right again, Batman. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers […]

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Stone Arch

Stone Arch from ImageStream Press Aerial footage of the Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge built in 1883. This bridge spans 2,100 feet of the Mississippi River and used to be operated by the Great Northern Railway until 1978. Sadly, just down stream of this location is the site of the I-35 bridge collapse that claimed the lives […]

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Give to the .MN Day

That’s right, today is Give to the .MN Day, Streets.MN that is. Go here, give us your hard earned electronic cash, and Join Streets.MN, Minnesota’s (and America’s, if we might brag) best transportation and land use community blog. We’ll keep the lights on for ya’. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on […]

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Rotterdam Tram, trying to bring some country to the city.

Creating Transitopolis

The City vs. Country mismatch (where we plan for transportation systems seemingly independent of the context: city or country (suburb)) is especially relevant in metropolitan areas constructing expensive medium and high capacity transit lines to presently undeveloped places, or (re-)constructing and widening freeways in the midst of core cities. If we are building a city, […]

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