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Carly Florina and Michael Capellas, executives at HP and Compaq, respectively, which merged a long time ago in a land far, far away. Press Release and UrbanMSP Merge, Creating a $2500 Global Transport and Land Use Leader

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and ST PAUL, MN, October 31, 2014 (NYSE:SMN) and UrbanMSP (NASDAQ:UMSP) announced today a definitive merger agreement to create a multi-dollar global transport and land use leader based in Minnesota. The new offers the industry’s most comprehensive set of discussion points on transport, land use, design, and architecture in Minnesota, with […]

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A One-Track Mind

While at this point, we are almost assuredly beating a dead horse, until the Green Line Extension (Southwest LRT) is actually under construction, there remains the possibility it can be improved. While the best improvement (given the existence of an LRT to fourth ring Southwest suburbs) would be to route it along a path where […]

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New York City 25 MPH Speed Limit Press Conference (source: Streetsblog)

Hit Me at 30

Worth noting as New York City goes to a 25 mph speed limit ( which is still 40 km/h for you speed demons) is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, please consider becoming a member.

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Please check schedules

The Evolution of the Green Line: A Retrospective

Metro Transit’s Green Line opened in June, 2014. While ridership almost immediate beat “expectations“1, and the line was quickly declared “a success“, at first there were still bugs in the works related to traffic signal timings and thus overall run-time and reliability, and safety. Though the planners felt this line on the map was permanently drawn, a review […]

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Streetcar on Washington Avenue in front of Coffman Union c. 1953

Then & Now: University of Minnesota

These images show very little change on the main Mall of the University of Minnesota campus. Coffman still looks down at Northrup in the distance. There is a tree in the middle, so the landscape is slightly less formal. Some new buildings have been built at the edge of the Mall and Washington. Washington is deeper entrenched. […]

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Desire line at McNamara Alumni Center

One Way to Deal With a Desire Line

Soon enough it will be Winter. Again a landscape covered with white powdery snow will reveal where travelers want to go. The first figure is an aerial shot of the former environment around the McNamara Alumni Center on the University of Minnesota campus. The second figure is in front of (behind) McNamara . Though there is […]

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1 million views != 1 million dollars

You may have seen our tweet that on September 7, surpassed a total of one million page views. just surpassed 1 million hits since we launched in January of 2012. Thanks everyone! — (@StreetsMN) September 8, 2014 Surely the value of each page view, which is on the order of a couple […]

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Franklin Avenue at Lyndale Avenue looking Westbound (side view)

Frank-Lyn – Thinking About Streets and Places in Three Dimensions

The development at the intersection of Franklin and Lyndale Avenues in Minneapolis has gotten a lot of attention, but primarily because of buildings proposed at the corners, to replace under-developed buildings at this highly accessible, emerging locale. The intersection itself has gotten little consideration. It is an at-grade 4-way traffic signal. However, Franklin Avenue finds itself in a valley at […]

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