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Best of the Twin Cities

Best Local Blog Minneapolis 2015 – Streets.MN

CityPages named us “Best Local Blog” for 2015. They write: has a small army of well-educated urbanists offering smart, thoughtful takes on all things transportation and development — two topics frequently making front-page news lately. Its bloggers are no homebodies; these are people who use city infrastructure frequently and have detailed, well-researched thoughts on how […]

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Signals on Washington Avenue Transit Mall

The following was passed on to, which is the response from officials about improving signal timings for Pedestrians on the Washington Avenue Transit Mall. “Balance” is the word used, not “Priority”. I assume pedestrians will continue to violate at will. Twelve seconds of useless wait is a long time in January. is […]

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Franchise Threatens to Move to AL

Minnesota Commuters United, a franchise in the Professional League of Major League Commuting Professionals, has threatened to move to Birmingham, Alabama (a city without Professional Commuting, relying instead on amateurs) unless it gets both new facilities for daily commutes, and a practice facility in the suburbs, as well as improved training at both the high school […]

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Al's Breakfast - New Location

Al’s Dinkytown Diner Downsizing

Due to an increase in demand, Al’s Breakfast is downsizing to a smaller nearby location. It will move from just north of the Espresso Royale, to the gap just south of that same cafe, adjacent to the China Express. Council Member Frey praised the new slender building. Critics suggested he was “fat-shaming” the existing Diner. […]

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No Outlet: A Review of Twin Cities Premium Outlets

Last year, to much fanfare, Twin Cities Premium Outlets were opened. While the center has recently encountered some controversy about the atrocious treatment of black shoppers, this post is about the design (recognizing its isolating design and nature as private property may have some relationship about how shop managers and police think about the presence of […]

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Role Model

At we focus on Minneapolis and Minnesota. We praise what is praise-worthy and condemn what is condemnable. We feel we do it for our own community. And of course we do. But what we do in Minneapolis and St. Paul is important not just for residents of Minneapolis or St. Paul, rather it matters for residents of […]

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Roll With Us Transit Challenge: March 1-7, 2015

This might be of interest in the community, particularly given the controversies associated with whether elected and appointed officials should and do use of the modes they are supposed to manage. Organized by a coalition of local advocacy groups, the “Roll With Us Transit Challenge” will be an excellent illustration of where transit works well, and where […]

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