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the dark heart of dark suburban blaine

Accept the Consequences of Opposing Density

If you oppose density, don’t be surprised if you don’t gain any of the benefits of density. In Blaine, there has been a very suburban kerfuffle: Within a large, multi-builder housing development, there were several commercial plots. Despite the housing boom in the area, no one would step up to develop them as commercial, because […]

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Hennepin Bridge Bike Lane

Bike Lanes in Winter

Witness: The struggle that is a bike lane in winter, via these (poor) images, taken from inside a car. That glacier is the bike lane. Now, certainly, over the railing is a well-cleared sidewalk. It is an option. It’s actually an appealing option. But if you’re coming right off Marshall, once you commit, you are […]

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NYE, Minneapolis 1935

Recap: Streets.MN Best of 2013

So. It’s over. 2013 is in the books. And, while we know you’ve been reading our Best Of series with fevered delight, how about a January 1 recap of the magic that was 2013? Without further ado, your complete list of 2013 Best Of, as chosen by YOU, our readers. Best Minnesota County Seat: Grand […]

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Minneapolis Christmas Lights

Merry Christmas to All…

Here, for your holiday pleasure(?) is the only Christmas song I know that mentions Minneapolis in the title or lyrics. If you got a nice bottle of Scotch for the holiday, now’s the time to kick one back. If you’d like something merely done by kids from Minneapolis that won’t depress you, I offer this: […]

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MnDOT & Met Council to Host Transportation Town Halls

Minnesota Department of Transportation Commissioner Charlie Zelle and Metropolitan Council Chair Sue Haigh will be hosting a series of metro-area town halls to discuss transportation — including bicycle transport and transit — on several upcoming dates. Dates include: Tuesday, Dec. 10 – St. Paul Union Depot, Veterans Gallery, 214 E. 4th Street., St. Paul Thursday, […]

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Block E

The Future of Block E

Today, Streets.MN’s very own William Lindeke — board member, writer-wrangler, and geographer — was featured on MPR’s Morning Circuit to discuss the future of Block E and the new vision for its use. His appearance is summed up on the MPR site. But Bill’s had a lot to say about Block E right here on […]

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Ironic Keystone XL image

Proposed Keystone XL Bike Path Shows Disconnect Between Causes

It’s not, in fact, April Fools Day. It’s Halloween. And it’s definitely a trick, not a treat, that the designers of the Keystone XL Pipeline — proposed to go through several states near to Minnesota, and a sign of things to come if it passes — have forwarded a “tongue-in-cheek” proposal to turn 5,000 miles […]

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