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Things We Build Even Though Use May Be Seasonal

One of the arguments I hear frequently against investment in bicycle facilities is that people don’t bike in the winter (and winter is eight months long). We know that some people certainly ride bicycles all year regardless of weather, and we can probably guess that if we did a better job maintaining our bike infrastructure […]

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Saint Paul & Minneapolis Commute Mode Share Comparison

2012 ACS non-motorized mode share estimates

The American Community Survey (ACS) 2012 1-year estimates were released recently, and the Star Tribune ran a piece titled ‘Minneapolis sees surge in residents choosing to walk or bike to work’. More than 11 percent of the city’s residents opted for one of the two nonmotorized options in 2012, the Census Bureau’s American community Survey […]

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Almost Bike Lanes

Bike lanes, generally, are a minimum of 5 feet wide. But a lot of roadways have shoulders that are less than five feet in width, which can be problematic for cyclists when this space is mistaken for bike lanes. Shoulders in the range of 2′ or less are narrow enough that it is pretty clear […]

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All the Best US Cycle Tracks are Street Level

There has been a lot of discussion in the local bicycling scene about cycle tracks lately. “Cycle track” is a bit of a generic term. It may refer to a one-way or two-way facility. It may refer to something at street level or at curb height. It may create separation between cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians […]

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Intuitive Addresses

A few months ago, Andrew Owen wrote a post I really liked about sequences of street names that occur throughout the Twin Cities. It was surprising to see the extent of the repeating alphabetical sequences. As the post suggested, one of the primary benefits of street names occurring in ordered sequences is that it greatly assists […]

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Best Practices for Traffic Control at Regional Trail Crossings

I’m short on time today, and writing from northeastern Nevada (where the big news today is that the entire county is having issues accessing the internet). So please forgive me if this post seems a bit hurried. I’ve uploaded a document called Best Practices for Traffic Control at Regional Trail Crossings. The document tries to establish some […]

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