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Great Streets and Human Enjoyment

My goodness but people certainly drive fast in the United States; it sure makes streets unpleasant. That was my first impression upon returning home from a recent trip to Paris and London, and I was only crossing 38th Street, hardly the biggest or fastest street around! Then, just this past week, two non-urbanists in my life had negative […]

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Streets to the Max Day: Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who donated to us on “streets to the Max Day” yesterday. We received $2,255 from 50 different people. That includes a $500 matching gift from an anonymous donor! We sincerely appreciate all of you who read, and thank you to everyone who gave yesterday. Your generosity will help continue to […]

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“Streets to the Max Day” is This Thursday

Don’t forget this Thursday! At, we are dedicated to expanding the conversation about transportation and land use in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota. For nearly four years, with your help, we have done just that. But although we’re an all-volunteer operation, hosting a successful website is not free. We need your help to fund improvements […]

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Time for Downtown Minneapolis to Turn Over a New Leaf

I perked up this morning at the Star Tribune headline, “Growing a Greener Downtown Minneapolis,” written by the newspaper’s editorial council. While I applaud plans for more trees and greenery downtown, I must question whether Minneapolis has indeed “turned over a new leaf,” so to speak. While the Pathways to Places remains a plan, the evidence […]

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Street Level Design and Beautiful Cities

It was exciting and an honor to be featured in Eric Roper’s recent Star Tribune story about the ground floor design of recent developments in Minneapolis. Roper did a good job of explaining the concepts that those of us in the real estate industry take for granted; we speak in tongues and he translated it well. […]

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Better Urban Design From the Ground Up

The past couple months has seen a robust conversation about development in Minneapolis, starting with Tom Fisher’s Star Tribune piece and followed by Jason Wittenberg’s rebuttal. But taste is subjective, so rather than talk about what makes a building “ugly,” let’s instead discuss the ground floor and how it relates to the public realm around it. Building frontages are at eye-level, and together with […]

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