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Where Do You Want To Ride?

This photo shows Ramsey County Road E in Arden Hills, MN. Along with rebuilding of the bridge over Highway 51 (Snelling Avenue) in the distance ,this section was somewhat rebuilt (extreme overlay) during the summer of 2015. The building on the right is student housing for students of Bethel University and The University of Northwestern […]

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Booted From the Hollow; Bounced From the Flats

Saturday, April 18, 2015 Macalester-Groveland, Hamline-Midway, Frogtown, Payne-Phalen (Swede Hollow), Downtown, West End, Highland Park Garages: intentionally functional but not usually stylish and seldom worth more than a glance, but today I saw two within a couple of blocks of each other that break the stereotype. It’s not a garage in the strict sense of […]

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Shop Closer to Home

I’m trying to get a new theme working, doing only posts with a thesis short enough include in a four word title. The good news is, you can stop reading now, because you already know what I’m going to say. For those of you not heeding my advice and plunging headlong into the next paragraph nontheless, I’ve been thinking […]

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Seven Things You Need To Know About Nice Ride

“Bike share is pretty new, and there are a whole lot of things about Nice Ride that aren’t really solved yet.” – Bill Dossett   You might have noticed that and Nice Ride Minnesota are trying something new: getting ideas from you, the interested public, about how best to plan our metro’s innovative bike sharing system. We […]

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Map Monday: Real Time Nice Ride MN Station Usage

OK, there’s an amazing bike share data website made by a British geographer and data visualization expert named Oliver O’Brien, that has real time information showing bike share dock availability for dozens of bike share programs all over the world. Here’s the snap shot of Nice Ride MN dock usage as of a few minutes ago: […]

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