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Map of walking route history using Moves App

Track Your Moves

Since using MapMyWalk in 2009 to log a dog walk, I’ve been hooked on mapping my movement. I like knowing the number of miles I’ve clocked and looking back on all of the neighborhoods I’ve explored on the map. Over the years, I’ve used various iPhone apps and one by one they’ve fallen out of […]

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“30 Days of Biking was Just a Prank” Admits Founder

“Why do you think I planned it for April Fool’s Day?” The question hung in the air like a dirigible during yesterday’s press conference in front of Stephen Patrickson’s Elk River apartment building, as the press and bicycling fans, many of whom were not wearing helmets, listened with dismay. According to Patrickson, the so-called “30 days of […]

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Dream a Little Dream of Me: Minneapolis’s 10th Ave Bridge

Recently the 89th Minnesota Legislature reconvened to start what certainly bodes to be an important session in regards to transportation legislation.  There’s already been some good rhetorical talk about the best ways to ask for money and there has already been a great deal of city plans asking for money. I’ll let the grad students and college […]

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