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Art Shanties: Frozen Fun for the Whole Family

Icepocolypse. Minne-FROZE-a. The #@%! cold. Call it what you will, it’s here. And we can choose to either wrap ourselves up all burrito-like in a comfy blanket and watch the Olympics. Or, embrace the cold along with Minnesota arts and ice-fishing traditions and go see the Art Shanty Projects. This past weekend, my fam chose […]

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Learning from Bologna’s (Italy) off-street network: tolerance, safety, thanks

The characteristics of a city’s off-street cycling network vary widely by culture. Expectations are adjusted accordingly. The most progressive cycling communities in the U.S. have set  high standards for what they consider to be suitable bicycle facilities. Many towns avoid paths that track along sharp turns (i.e., 90 angles), swerve around trees, mix with transit […]

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Saturday Live! at St. Paul Central Library: No shhh-ing required.

So you’re lazing around Saturday morning, fighting  your inevitable pancake coma…now what? You have kids! And they have energy! So take them to Saturday Live! at St. Paul Central Library. Every Saturday morning there’s some sort of literacy-based, kid-pleasin’ entertainment like puppets, magicians, singers, wild animals, storytellers—you get the idea. And don’t forget, the famous […]

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