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Transpo Convo with Mohamed

Welcome to the very first Transpo Convo!  This is a brand new ongoing series in which I interview people about their transportation use.  In this first installment I share a few highlights from my conversation with Mohamed F., where we gab about bike lanes, transit pricing, and what Metro Transit could learn about rider experience from Nairobi’s matatu culture. […]

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The Art of a Downtown

I challenge you, the next time you are strolling Main Street, Anywhere, to look for art. Not just the obvious, as in art created as art. But art that weaves itself into the streetscape, into the fabric that defines a downtown. Notice the colors, the textures, the fonts, the shapes—all those details that we often […]

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Sunday Summary – June 29, 2014

Summer has been heating up and, as always this time of year, the streets of downtown Northfield (and perhaps near your neighborhood ice cream shop) are dotted with tasty puddles of melted ice cream (or so my dog tells me). News: The Green Line is still news (after being running for 2 whole weeks) and […]

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St. Paul Ford plant sign, before and then just the signposts

Ford, Finally RIP

I owned a Ford once. It sucked. I had reasons to agree with the jokes about Ford meaning “Fix Or Repair Daily” or “Found On Road Dead.” After that Ford, I didn’t own another car for 12 years. And I became a transportation planner because I never liked having to drive in the first place and […]

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Northfield, a Bikeable Community

Northfield should be the sort of city where bicycling makes a lot of sense because it’s small enough to put most destinations within a couple of miles, there are regional trail connections (existing and planned) we have multiple formal and informal cycling groups (lycra-clad road cyclists, off-road, gravel riders, seniors and cruisers) Carleton and St […]

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Making Money In Real Estate

The Healy Project’s quixotic lawsuit to save 2320 Colfax hit a major snag earlier this week when a judge denied their request for an injunction. And for anyone who’s followed the saga, there were some interesting and amusing tidbits in the judge’s ruling (p 4-5). The Healy Project’s two “experts” were each judged unqualified to give expert opinions. […]

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Why I Think Matters

Cassie’s post got me thinking about why I signed up as a volunteer writer with I came up with three reasons, all pretty selfish. I love the content that helps ME be a more informed participant in discussions about transportation and land use. I saw a need to effectively communicate why these topics are […]

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Grand Old Day 2014

  The 41st Grand Old Day is tomorrow, Sunday, June 1, 2014. The event runs from eight in the morning until six in the evening on a 2.3 mile stretch of Saint Paul’s Grand Avenue, with Wheeler Avenue at the west end and Dale Street at the east end. Grand Old Day is the Grand […]

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