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Peter Rachleff leading our tour

Walking Tour of Saint Paul’s East Side

On Saturday, July 9, Scott and I attended “From Then To Now: Immigration and the (Re)Making of Saint Paul’s East Side.” This half-day event was co-organized by the University of Minnesota’s Immigration Research History Center and the East Side Freedom Library and was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. After a week […]

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An Alternate Universe of Transit, Or, Explaining the Political Ideology Gap in Transit Funding

What if the Minneapolis-St Paul region chose to intentionally grow as a truly multi-modal region rather than one dominated almost entirely by private vehicles starting back in the 1950s? What would it look like? A person can dream, right? Admittedly, this post is less about wasting time dreaming of an alternate world as it is about […]

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Tribute to Parking and Industrial Areas We Have Lost

Over the last ten years, Minneapolis’ Wedge neighborhood has seen the industrial and parking areas adjacent to the Midtown Greenway transformed into one apartment building after another. It’s a process that’s increasingly familiar to many neighborhoods across the Twin Cities. Here’s a pretend mournful look back at what one neighborhood has lost, and what others may have coming their way. […]

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Then and Now: Graeser Park, aka Robbinsdale Rockgarden Roadside Parking Area

Twin Cities Then and Now: Graeser Park (also known as Robbinsdale Rockgarden Roadside Parking Area), Highway 100 and Broadway Avenue, Robbinsdale (1940/2016) shown ca. 1940 and today. Photos by me and the Minnesota Historical Society Crossposted at the Stuff About Minneapolis tumblr. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to […]

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Map Monday: Minneapolis 1932 Presidential Election Results

In honor of caucus day tomorrow, where Minnesota seems to be playing a key role in determining candidates for the two largest national parties, here’s an interesting map forwarded on by a reader. (Thanks Cameron!) It’s Minneapolis’ precinct-level election results from the 1932 Presidential election, where Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover in one of the […]

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Then & Now: Near North Minneapolis

Doing research for my recent Olson Memorial Highway article, I dug through the Minnesota Historical Society archives and the University of Minnesota’s Borchert Aerial Map Archive to try and figure out exactly when this road was constructed. The answer is 1937, the same year that Olson himself died. It was also the year that the Sumner […]

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Painted Ladies, a Maiden and Bruce

July 17, 2015         18.1 Miles            Summit – University, Downtown, Lowertown   Victorian-era homes with narrow clapboard siding, bold colors, a variety of ornamentation and towers are often called ‘Painted Ladies.’ In researching this ride I learned there’s a bit more to it than that. Painted Ladies refer specifically to Queen Anne-style houses that are painted […]

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