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The Value of Snow Emergencies

If you’re like me, you’ve heard people complain about Minneapolis or St. Paul’s snow emergency rules, that they’re complex and burdensome. In reality, these complexities may be a pain a handful of times a year they apply, but they allow for better cities all year long. If you speak Minnesotan, you know that a snow emergency is an event […]

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Saint Paul’s New Meter Hours

Saint Paul has extended the hours of enforcement on its downtown parking meters starting this week, and already I have seen results which made me gleeful. The City Council had an event at the Ordway Theater. Being the horrible urbanist that I am, I drove myself, and no one else, to the event and began […]

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Snarking Violations

Snow can expose things about our car-dominated landscape that wouldn’t normally be so obvious. Much like a sneckdown, a “snarking violation” is when one can clearly observe that a vehicle hasn’t been moved and has violated posted parking ordinances. Over the course of Monday night, the Twin Cities received their first snow storm. I took the opportunity, […]

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I Love Alleys

Alleys! They’re in the news! To be honest, they’re generally pretty boring places, perhaps undeserving of a love letter. Most people might even dislike them, even avoid them at all costs. As with most small, mundane details of the built environment, I think we sometimes take alleys for granted in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and it’s […]

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In Growing Cities, Parking Challenges Require Creative Solutions

This article is provided to by The Line, an online publication about the creative economy of the Twin Cities. and The Line share content to further conversations on land use and transportation in MSP. As a new wave of people flood cities to live, work and play, many arrive on four wheels — cars, which are creating massive headaches […]

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The Museum of Surface Parking - Minneapolis

The Museum of Surface Parking

The University of Minnesota, along with M-Health, are about to open a new branch of the Museum of Surface Parking (the MSP) on Oak Street at Fulton in southeast Minneapolis, in front of the new Ambulatory Care Center. This is wonderful news for those in the local Museum-going community, the site will help 21st century college […]

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