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The Dirty Truth Behind Park & Rides

Park and ride facilities are darling infrastructure of the transit planning profession. By providing “free” parking to lure choice riders out of cars and onto buses and trains, ridership can get a big boost. No wonder transit operators in our metro provide 258% more “free” parking spaces than fifteen years ago, when the first Regional […]

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the dark heart of dark suburban blaine

Accept the Consequences of Opposing Density

If you oppose density, don’t be surprised if you don’t gain any of the benefits of density. In Blaine, there has been a very suburban kerfuffle: Within a large, multi-builder housing development, there were several commercial plots. Despite the housing boom in the area, no one would step up to develop them as commercial, because […]

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Parking Minimums Need To Go

Managing a city is a very difficult thing to do. It is a task fraught with chicken-and-egg problems. Vibrancy won’t increase without density, density won’t increase without vibrancy – things like that. To add to the difficulty, cities are created and shaped by many different people with many different interests. The most perilous part of […]

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Minneapolis and Saint Paul Need Parking Benefit Districts

Betsy Hodges uttered one of my favorite lines during last month’s Transportation Mayoral Forum. We’d gotten to the wonky part of the discussion, about parking policy and zoning requirements. Hodges was one of the few candidates that really understood the parking question: “I’m in my second term on the city council and in my first […]

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Autonomous Cars and Simple Machines

 Simple Machine: a mechanical device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force. In general, a simple machine can be defined as one of the simplest mechanisms that provide mechanical advantage (also called leverage). (Wikipedia definition for Simple Machine) The reason autonomous, or driverless, cars are important is the same reason reducing greenhouse gas emissions […]

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