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The One Where I Pick on the Disabled

I was at a meeting a while back about a new parking policy in downtown Saint Paul. The city was changing its policies about handicapped parking. Until very recently, anyone with a handicapped parking placard on their dashboard was allowed to park for free all day downtown. As it turned out, that was not such […]

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Fixing Permit Parking (with Econ 101)

Yesterday there was a great post about coupon parking, and how it can be used in parking critical areas to make use of an entire street’s built parking infrastructure instead of using only permits to exclude people from using the spaces. The economics of most markets look similar to the following chart, as price rises, […]

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Transit Budgets Expose Hidden Costs of Roads

Transit projects make for easy political targets because of high construction costs. They have prices in the many millions of dollars, and occasionally tip into the billions, which brings critics out of the woodwork. It’s difficult to know whether certain projects are justifiable or not, particularly because different modes of transportation concentrate and spread out […]

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Free parking at Target Field Station Plaza

Free Parking at Target Field Station

An anonymous reader passes along the following: The focal point of all seated on the relatively nice new grand plaza steps was…a surface parking lot. Free parking to boot. Seemingly this parking was being used for the Caribou Coffee that is part of the station development and located on the other side of the bridge. […]

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Predictions for Super Bowl 2018

I predict the Packers will win, prompting the biggest riot the city has ever seen! No, seriously, I support hosting the 2018 Super Bowl in Minnesota. After all, we need to start paying off our billion-dollar, publicly financed stadium that was supposed to be paid for with non-existent gaming revenues. Looking at the behavior of […]

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Frank-Lyn II: The Opposition’s Bad Arguments

In Part I, an unsuspecting straight, white male was made to feel like a marginal member of society at his neighborhood association meeting. In Part II he saves Lowry Hill East from itself. Fighting Traffic, Battling for Parking There are those in Lowry Hill East, and every Minneapolis neighborhood, who value wide open streets and abundant, free car storage above all […]

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