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Podcast #62 – Affordable Housing Spatial Inequality with Myron Orfield

The podcast this week is a conversation with Myron Orfield, the director of the institute on Metropolitan Opportunity at the University of Minnesota. Orfield has also written many books on public policy and regional governance, and has spent years studying how municipal fragmentation has led to persistent inequality, particularly in the Twin Cities. Orfield made […]

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Podcast #56 – Ayd Mill Road 101 with Mike Madden

The podcast this week is a conversation with Mike Madden, co-founder of the grassroots neighborhood group Neighborhoods First. Our discussion was intended to be a intro course on the Ayd Mill Road, call it AMR 101, all about the history of the road from the 1860s all the way to the 21st century, where the […]

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Podcast #54 – Towards a Sustainable Minneapolis with Brendon Slotterback

The podcast this week is a conversation with Brendon Slotterback, longtime writer and sustainability program coordinator for the city of Minneapolis. Brendon has been leading the city’s efforts to develop and achieve a set of sustainability metrics, targets aimed at reducing energy use, pollution, and increasing social equity in Minnesota’s largest city. We met […]

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Podcast #53 – Saint Paul Trending with Mayor Chris Coleman and Councilmember Dave Thune

The podcast this week is a pair of conversations about Saint Paul, Minnesota’s capitol city. The first is with Saint Paul’s very own mayor, Chris Coleman, about his development and transportation plans for his upcoming term. Coleman was handily re-elected last month, and we chatted about the long list of exciting projects going up in […]

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