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In Defense of “Unlustrous” Bloomington

Recently the StarTribune ran an article about how “Bloomington Has Lost its Luster“. The article makes the following points:  The housing stock is aging, the schools aren’t that great, and young people prefer the city. As a longtime resident of Bloomington, I feel it’s my duty to respond.  Some of my points I’ve made before in other articles, but […]

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Chart of the Day: Time Spent Shopping per Day

The Star Tribune republished an eye-catching NY Times story this weekend about waste from online shopping. Here’s the punchline of their piece: But measuring the effect of the cardboard economy is more difficult. There are possible trade-offs, for example. As people shop more online, they might use their car less. And delivery services have immense […]

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The Downtown Home-free Zone

As any local resident knows, “what’s wrong with downtown retail” is perennial topic of conversation that seems like it started with the opening of the first of our beautiful suburban malls. Even worse, everyone has an opinion. Unluckily for you, I have the keys to this blog, which means I get to share mine (and […]

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Shop Closer to Home

I’m trying to get a new theme working, doing only posts with a thesis short enough include in a four word title. The good news is, you can stop reading now, because you already know what I’m going to say. For those of you not heeding my advice and plunging headlong into the next paragraph nontheless, I’ve been thinking […]

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Fulton Mall

Fresno: A City Reborn – Rare 1968 Documentary by Victor Gruen Associates

After having invented the modern American shopping mall with his design of Southdale in Edina, Victor Gruen spent much of his career working to reverse the population movement from core cities to sprawling suburbs across the U.S. This short film covers his work in Fresno which includes many parallels to Minneapolis-Saint Paul in that freeways were […]

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