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Can We Kill Two Birds with One Stone when it Comes to Light Rail Planning?

With all the controversy about the Southwest Corridor alignment (especially its rising construction costs), a question could be is why don’t we merge the Southwest Line project with the planned Bottineau Line project? Matt Steele’s post from last month has some great ideas on improving our light rail system, but I have another idea similar […]

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The Magic of Right-of-Way

As Christian Lander stated in “Stuff White People Like” – they like Public Transportation That Is Not a Bus. I guess that narrows it down to trains: Light Rail, Subways, Commuter Rail, Trams, etc. Part of reason white people (and politicians, and developers) like rail transit is because the rails are part of the route. […]

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Density and the transit puzzle

How would you choose a route for a transit line? It’s a difficult task, particularly in a region as big as the Twin Cities. Developed land stretches out for miles and miles before finally tapering off into farmland or patches of wilderness. Some parts of the region have natural geographic constraints due to rivers and […]

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Why Minneapolis SHOULD Consent to the SWLRT Tunnel Plan

[For an opposing take on the SWLRT tunnel, see Kasia's post here.]  The Southwest Light Rail (SWLRT) corridor, otherwise known as the Green Line Extension, sure is one heavily debated and contentious project.  While there are technical and political questions along the entire route, what to do about routing freight, LRT, and bikes through the […]

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Amtrak versus the shutdown

A rail crew replaces a switch on October 4th in preparation for reconnecting the Saint Paul Union Depot to allow Amtrak service. Amtrak, the National Passenger Railroad Corporation, could cease to be a “national” network if the federal government shutdown drags on. The company has said that it can ride out a short-term shutdown, on […]

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