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Suburb to Suburb Express Buses: The Final Frontier

Since Metro Transit purchased the privately-owned Twin City Lines in 1970, it has begun serving some of the many transit travel markets neglected by TCL’s downtown-oriented network of local bus routes. The first step was to extend those local routes to suburban shopping centers and residential areas. Simultaneously a very large system of rush hour expresses for […]

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An Unpleasant Experience on a Bus

A brief story, told at the dire risk of appearing to fashionably equate my own issues with those of others who have been in the news lately. Was on a bus yesterday. Same as any day! Caught the afternoon ride home a little later than usual due to a dentist appointment–pressure continues to mount for […]

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West Broadway LRT

Here’s an idea for how to get light-rail transit onto West Broadway while connecting the Northside with its river front. West Broadway is one of Minneapolis’ most important streets but it’s physically divided from downtown and the rest of the city. Highways and railroad tracks make travel between downtown and North Minneapolis unattractive. Additionally, North Minneapolis […]

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Cars as Keurigs

Recently here in Minnesota it was Christmas, an annual holiday that for many involves paid time off and a stressfully misadvertised “gift swap.” There was also a Christmas Market in Downtown Minneapolis and it was nice. It should be repeated next year with some minor changes based on suggestions generated by the community the first […]

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Chart of the Day: All the 2015 Transit

This amazing chart/infographic amalgam comes from the excellent blog, the Transport Politic. I think it speaks for itself. Enjoy! is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, please consider becoming a member.

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