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Counterpoint: Expanding the Existing Drive-Thru Ban Won’t Hurt Minneapolis

Minneapolis Council Members Lisa Bender and Lisa Goodman have introduced a change to city ordinances to broaden the coverage of Pedestrian Oriented Overlay districts. This includes a ban on drive-through fast food, banks, pharmacies, and other businesses. Eric Roper at the Star Tribune gave a pretty good run-down of the situation, followed by about 500 commenters raising the […]

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Shoveling is Hard Work

I walked to the grocery store on Sunday, pushing the jogging stroller all the way. I’m an able-bodied person and one of the things I like about taking the kid for a walk is that I get a greater appreciation for how others see the city: if you are mobility challenged, the winters must be full of […]

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Southside Greenway Inches Closer to Reality

Minneapolis has a number of great trails and on-street bikeways, but it currently lacks a direct and safe north-south route through the city for bikes and pedestrians. For the past few months, a local group of community members, nonprofits, and neighborhood associations have been discussing the possibility of building that north-south connection in the form […]

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Sunrise on Washington Avenue Bridge

Choose Your Daily Walking Destination

We’re a couple of weeks into 2016, so it’s a good time to check in on how you’re doing on the Dr. Lindeke-prescribed New Year’s Resolution to walk more. In addition to all of the great tips mentioned in that post, I have another recommendation – choose a daily destination that you commit to visiting on foot every day. Here […]

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Chart of the Day: The “Walkability Premium”

Via City Observatory, here’s a chart showing the so-called “walkability premium” for different US cities, defined as the correlation between increasing “walk score” and housing prices. Minneapolis and Saint Paul are at the very bottom (along with New York, weirdly). This is a strange list. Here’s how Joe Cortright describes walkability and home value in the original post: […]

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Blame Our Streets

Last Sunday, December 20, 2015, while dozens of volunteers, elected officials, and staff and supporters of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition gathered to celebrate what has been an incredible 2015 for biking in Minneapolis, just a few miles away in St. Paul a tragedy was unfolding as another pedestrian was struck by a vehicle – this […]

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