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Touch of Evil Opening

In this famous opening shot in Touch of Evil (1958), Orson Welles shows us that walking can be just as fast and much safer than driving in many cases. Via Critical Commons. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you […]

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Vulnerable Road User Protection Laws

Most of the time, when a pedestrian or cyclist is seriously injured or killed by a motor vehicle, we label it “an accident.” As long as the driver isn’t drunk and doesn’t flee the scene, he or she can expect to pay a minor fine, at most, and will suffer no criminal penalties. It doesn’t […]

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MNDOT Redirects Stillwater Bridge Funds to Pedestrian, Transit Projects

In a dramatic reversal, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has halted the new Stillwater Bridge project and redirected the funds to pedestrian and transit projects across the state.  When asked MNDOT about the sudden decision, MNDOT spokesman Brian Anderson-Johnson replied, After careful research, we realized that there are pedestrian corridors and transit projects that […]

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Artist's Rendering of What Lies Beneath Minneapolis, The Sites to Behold on Proposed Low Line

The Low Line

Following on the heels of the successful High Line pedestrian path on a former railroad right-of-way in New York, Pedestrian and Bicycle Planners in Minneapolis are proposing a new subterranean “Low Line” bicycle and pedestrian path beneath an operating railroad right-of-way. While the High Line provides familiar views to easily amused Manhattanites, the new Low […]

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Intersection of Hennepin and Groveland

Hennepin-Lyndale Reconstruction Project

After reviewing some of the preliminary plans for the upcoming Hennepin-Lyndale Reconstruction Project, it seems like this is going to be primarily a road paving project.  I was hoping that more improvements would be made for those of us who walk, bike, and use mass transit in this corridor.  I’m honestly a bit skeptical about […]

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Ice, Mud, or Puddle!

Welcome Minnesotans to another round of Ice, Mud, or Puddle! Just when our tundra homeland relents on its annual attempt to kill us with skin-peeling winds and lung-piercing temperatures, it turns the entire state into a swirling cauldron of glare ice, inescapable mud, and bottomless puddles. Pretty much every block has a stretch of sidewalk […]

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What If Interstate 94 Was a Park?

I’ve always wondered what life would be like if we did away with highway infrastructure. Television shows such as Life After Humans depict infrastructure eventually succumbing to the forces of nature, overbearing with moss and exotic animals.  What if this happened while humans still inhabited this world? While only the fantasy of some urban designers, […]

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