In Defense of the Dinkytown “Riots”

Unless you live under a rock, or are a rock, you’ve probably heard about the so-called “riots” that took place in Dinkytown this weekend. The riots on Thursday and Saturday were directly – maybe indirectly – caused by the Minnesota Gophers Men’s Hockey team winning and losing on each night, respectively. On both nights, the […]

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TCF Bank to Leave Minneapolis for Sad Warehouse

TCF Bank announced last week that it would be moving its 1,150 Downtown Minneapolis corporate employees from Marquette and 8th Street to a Plymouth (Minnesota) office park sometime late next year. Which raises an important question: What’s that like? I decided to head out on my first bike ride of 2014 to see for myself. […]

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Does the DFL Support Transit and the Environment?

Politics in America are split along urban versus suburban/exurban lines. Urban areas are likely to be more “liberal” when it comes to issues of public transportation, the environment, education, gun control, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. A glance at presidential election maps by county confirms this and numerous studies correlate voting patterns to population […]

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Sunday Summary writers cover a lot of ground each week from quick facts and small observations to posts which ask big questions about policy and projects.  Here’s this week’s roundup: Big Picture – Risk management: Or, what we highlight about safety and modes of transportation is illuminating and important.  Lessons from the 2011 Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash […]

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The Future of Freeway Expansions

The future has long been a very popular topic in cinema. A handful of videos posted here on concern themselves with the future: Avidor, To New Horizons, The Automobile in the Year 2000, Bobbie Jones, Foreign Exchange Student in the Future, The Astounding World of the Future, and Magic Highway, USA. The Future of […]

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Top Three Problems with MPR’s @MNToday Tweet, and the Big Thing They Did Right

Let’s just get this disclaimer out of the way right up front: I’m an MPR sustaining member. I listen. I give. I heart MPR pretty hard. I’m also a cycling advocate and a Spokeswoman for St. Paul Women on Bikes. This post does not necessarily represent the views of WOB,’s writers or board, or […]

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Friday Photo – Scale

Most new construction tends to rub me the wrong way, even when it conforms to enlightened urban design principles. It recently dawned on me when trying to come up with a rational explanation for my dislike of the West River Commons development, that the most significant factor affecting my negative reaction was its scale. For […]

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Chart of the day – Capital costs, BRT and LRT

Today’s chart complements yesterday’s chart on forecasted ridership. It compares total build-out costs for metro LRT lines and planned “small starts” projects (mostly arterial BRT lines).  It comes from a presentation given to the March 24, 2014 meeting of the Met Council’s Transportation Committee. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep […]

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Lessons from the 2011 Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Facts

What is the true price of our dependence on automobiles? Those in favor of pedestrian-oriented planning say repeatedly that a large contribution to our automobile economy is the cost of driving is simple too cheap. Although gas prices continually rise, they still lack to reflect the current amount of resources we have, and the impact […]

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Chart of the day – 2030 Ridership, BRT and LRT

Today’s chart compares forecasted ridership in 2030 on metro LRT lines and planned “small starts” projects (mostly arterial BRT lines).  It comes from a presentation given to the March 24, 2014 meeting of the Met Council’s Transportation Committee. Forecasting caveats apply. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep […]

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Is Mayor Hodges the Wonder Woman of Urbanism?

Where’s Wonder Woman, and what will she do about urbanism in Minneapolis? Several recent reviews have appeared in the press regarding Mayor Betsy Hodges’ first 100 days in office. She has been deliberative in hiring key staff positions, preferring instead to build relationships and simply listen. In the Star Tribune’s coverage, it was noted that she has not yet engaged on […]

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Spring Fling at Springbrook Nature Center

As I type this, the birds they are a-chirpin.’ And this morning I saw a mama and papa duck with a look of love in their eyes (bow-chicka-bow-wow). Spring is here! Spring is here! This calls for some outdoorsy family fun. And Saturday’s Spring Fling at Springbrook Nature Center is bound to offer much of it. Here’s just a […]

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Ownership by share of centerline miles and by share of vehicle-miles traveled.

Chart of the Day – System Ownership

Today’s Chart of the Day looks at system ownership of the state’s road network by miles of road and miles of travel.     Source: MnDOT  Annual Transportation Performance Report 2012 is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, […]

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