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Bicycle Facilities Best Practices Report from Transport for London

Transport For London (TfL) serves a role similar to our Metropolitan Council except only for transportation. TfL coordinates transportation and road design across the boroughs and cities of greater London and operates or coordinates services such as their subway, red buses, and ferries. TfL also operate the city-wide Oyster card system. TfL has been increasingly […]

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Bicyclopolis: Episode Two, Cycling Into the Future.

Streets.mn presents Bicyclopolis, a graphic novel by Ken Avidor in serial form. In last week’s episode, The Velochronitron, Dan Petosky learned about the pedal-powered time-travel invention in Uncle Fred’s laboratory in Stillwater, Minnesota. This week’s episode is Cycling Into the Future. Click on the pages twice to make them bigger.       Streets.mn is a non-profit and […]

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The plaque posted near the entrance to Toni Stone Field with details about her

Stone and Diamonds

August 2, 2014 Lexington-Hamline, Summit-University, Midway, Como 14.5 miles Athletes and sports have played a big part in Saint Paul history. In recent years much of the recognition has gone to those from Cretin-Derham Hall High School. Decades ago, however, several neighborhoods, especially the East Side and the Midway were well-known for their athletes and […]

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Every Road For Every Person

Our roads have historically been for transportation by whatever means someone had available. For several centuries this meant feet, horse, or donkey. Bicycles were added to the mix about 1870 and cars some 30 years later. By the 1970’s, however, our roads had become car-only thoroughfares. Other modes were largely banished—to sidewalks or increasingly to nothing. […]

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Look at that poor woman walking!

Sunday Summary – February 1, 2015

Welcome to February on streets.mn! No matter what Punxutawney Phil might say tomorrow, we’re confident there will be six more weeks of winter in Minnesota so you should spend a bit of time with a warm beverage and streets.mn before going outside. Asking questions department Three posts ask questions about the status quo in very different […]

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