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Top Three Problems with MPR’s @MNToday Tweet, and the Big Thing They Did Right

Let’s just get this disclaimer out of the way right up front: I’m an MPR sustaining member. I listen. I give. I heart MPR pretty hard. I’m also a cycling advocate and a Spokeswoman for St. Paul Women on Bikes. This post does not necessarily represent the views of WOB, streets.mn’s writers or board, or […]

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Garage Logic—Cars Are Good

Tony Desnick and I both write about and are ardent promoters of bicycles for daily transportation. Tony also works for bikeshare outfit Nice Ride and is part of a car-lite household. He rides a bicycle to work nearly every day, on even the most brutal and inhospitable days that MN can throw at him. Yes, Minnesotans […]

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Snowy St Paul street

When Can You Ride Your Bike Up a Ladder?

When it’s a ladder of opportunity. President Obama has talked a lot about ladders of opportunity, especially in the last year. Growing the middle class and easing access to economic security across racial and gender lines is a major aspect of his platform. Tuesday morning, speaking at the 2014 National Bike Summit in Washington D.C., […]

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Saint Paul Crafts an “8-to-80″ Bike Plan

After years of lagging behind its neighbors, Saint Paul has finally come up with a bike plan. I’ve written many times about why this is important. For example, see these two pieces on the Nice Ride disparity between the downtowns, or this one on the great Saint Paul bike boulevard backlash, or this one on […]

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Critical Transit Podcast 42: Bike Winter

Like many streets.mn writers, I maintain a transit web site of my own.  I’ve been asked to post selected episodes of the Critical Transit podcast here, starting with an informal conversation about winter biking. Please share your thoughts and winter cycling advice.  Critical Transit Podcast Episode 42 is an informative panel discussion with four winter […]

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