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How the electrical grid is like the road network

They both have different “functional classes”.  Roads are typically classified as local, state-aid, county highways, state highways and federal highways (loosely).  Electrical systems are generally separated into the distribution network (poles to your house) and the power transmission network (power plants to substations).  Unlike roads, transmission and distribution systems are typically not owned by government […]

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When Cities Get Serious About Climate Change…

A recent comment on Streets.mn planted a seed in my head. The discussion was about the utility and futility of buses vs. streetcars, and for some reason I was particularly struck by (fellow writer and Minneapolis sustainability program coordinator) Brendon Slotterback’s statement about BRT: If we build A-BRT, we can always go back and put […]

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How should the next regional plan address climate change?

  You could argue the update of the regional framework now being undertaken by the Twin Cities Metropolitan Council (now called Thrive MSP 2040) is the most significant piece of land use policy that will be developed this decade.  The framework guides the development of various policy plans, which in turn shape the development of […]

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