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Bottleneck Fix: Turn (Don’t Merge)

One highly trafficked intersection in Minneapolis was layered with interstate lanes in 1971. Although the freeway was buried below, ramps and merging lanes complicate the streets above. This historically influential neighborhood was transformed into a transitory space for the automotive world.   Minneapolis can regain this missing district with one driving modification: ‘turn, instead of […]

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St Paul: Ripe For Ruin

I once asked prominent Saint Paulite, Lucy Berkowitz, what makes Nina’s in Cathedral Hill so popular and why don’t we have places like it in the suburbs. I expected her to say, “great cappuccinos and food provided by awesome employees.” (…and where the largest sign in a place named after St Paul’s most famous madam […]

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Downtown Saint Paul

I learned this week that Re/Max Results has sponsored a City and Neighborhood Film Festival this year and last. Downtown Saint Paul, by Nancy Ford was the 2012 first place winner. This film does a nice job of showing the charm and character of downtown Saint Paul. A lot of people like to demean downtown […]

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Calhoun Square at Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street

Minneapolis needs a good hostel

Minneapolis gets good press. Everybody loves the Midtown Greenway, Forbes acknowledges our fitness, and Slate’s Matt Yglesias is basically our municipal cheerleader. The problem is that we’re bad at converting this good publicity into population growth. What’s the missing step that might make a mobile coast-dweller reading an article about Minneapolis into a new Minneapolitan? A […]

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Then and Now: Nicollet Island

This is is always interesting. Witness the changes along the Mississippi near Nicollet Island over a sixty-year span… Shorelines, rail yards, island green space, etc. Streets.mn is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, please consider becoming a member.

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