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If I Were Mayor…

Yesterday I presented at Cuningham Group’s “Urban Currents” series. The theme was “What if I Were Mayor?” Keep in mind the following ideas don’t represent a platform for getting elected, but rather to try and implement once in office (there’s a big difference). So here goes…. If I were mayor, I would: 1. Create a […]

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Density is an Historic Resource

  Lately I’ve been thinking about historic preservation. Though it may be overblown, Saint Paul and Minneapolis seem to be full of fights between “urbanists” and “preservationists” over the future of our cities. Examples include the ongoing spats over an historic but run-down house in Uptown, old single-story buildings in Dinkytown, or the width of sidewalks […]

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Nice Ride - Walk Accessibility at 40 minutes

Access by Nice Ride

I took my first Nice Ride last week. I had ridden a bicycle before, and I had used bike rental before (though not one of the modern automated systems), and I had used transportation vehicle “sharing” before (see e.g. ZipCar and Car2Go with mixed results), but I had not put all those things together. I finally […]

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Munching on Munich’s Climb to Cycling Prowess

The 2014 EU BICI series is available for Seville (Spain), Ferrara (Italy), and Berlin (Germany). You don’t need to be in Munich long before you hear of the Champion’s League of Europe and Munich’s football (soccer) prowess—5 time champion (and 5 time runner up) of the most prestigious competition in European football. Apparently, the Champion’s league apparently also to […]

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Dense Ideas: Southwest And Other LRT Lines

One criticism often glossed over by SWLRT boosters is that the alignment lacks density. David Levinson expertly laid out the trade-offs in his recent piece. Low population density will limit the value added by the line. The line could still be a success, but its ceiling will be that much lower. It appears Met Council […]

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Nice Ride Q&A: Funding Exists for 17 New Stations

Last Friday afternoon marked the beginning of Nice Ride Minnesota’s fifth season of bike-share in the Twin Cities. The system’s size and geographic layout for 2014 remains largely the same as last season. But there’s still plenty of change as subscribers are introduced to more generous ride times of 60 minutes, and prospective members are given […]

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Critique of the ITDP’s BRT Scorecard

This is the third and final post in a series (directly) based off of a term paper for a transportation class (full paper here, Red Line evaluation here and Campus Connector evaluation here). Here the ITDP (Institute for Trasportation and Development Policy) Scorecard, used in the other posts to evaluate BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) service, […]

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