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Top Three Problems with MPR’s @MNToday Tweet, and the Big Thing They Did Right

Let’s just get this disclaimer out of the way right up front: I’m an MPR sustaining member. I listen. I give. I heart MPR pretty hard. I’m also a cycling advocate and a Spokeswoman for St. Paul Women on Bikes. This post does not necessarily represent the views of WOB, streets.mn’s writers or board, or […]

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Why Are We Killing Our Children with Cars?

Nearly every year we hear that the number of people killed by people driving cars is down from the year before. That’s good right? The good news is that the trend has indeed continued downward since the number killed peaked in 1972. Nationally, only 33,561 people were killed in 2012 and 2.36 million were injured. […]

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Garage Logic—Cars Are Good

Tony Desnick and I both write about and are ardent promoters of bicycles for daily transportation. Tony also works for bikeshare outfit Nice Ride and is part of a car-lite household. He rides a bicycle to work nearly every day, on even the most brutal and inhospitable days that MN can throw at him. Yes, Minnesotans […]

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When Can You Ride Your Bike Up a Ladder?

When it’s a ladder of opportunity. President Obama has talked a lot about ladders of opportunity, especially in the last year. Growing the middle class and easing access to economic security across racial and gender lines is a major aspect of his platform. Tuesday morning, speaking at the 2014 National Bike Summit in Washington D.C., […]

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St Paul Bicycle Plan: Good Enough?

I’m of two quite opposed minds on the St Paul Bicycle Plan. One of these minds is excited about it and can’t wait to see it implemented. The other, contrary to Rebecca Airmet’s Valentine, is disappointed that it falls so far short of what I’d hoped for.  (Then again, my wife gives me a valentine […]

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Fresh Google Aerial Imagery: Some Twin Cities Highlights

If you’ve used Google Maps in the past month, you may have noticed that some parts of the Twin Cities are looking mighty different. Google recently updated their high resolution aerial imagery, revealing scores of new buildings and infrastructure projects under construction in Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you’re zooming in for a close-up, you’ll […]

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In the world of software engineers, there are 10 types: those who speak binary, and those who don’t. Kidding aside, it is sort of akin to the political spectrum, except the labels are roles like the Idealist, the Architect, and the Pragmatist. After almost 15 years of developing software, I have decided that being a […]

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