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Bottleneck Fix: Turn (Don’t Merge)

One highly trafficked intersection in Minneapolis was layered with interstate lanes in 1971. Although the freeway was buried below, ramps and merging lanes complicate the streets above. This historically influential neighborhood was transformed into a transitory space for the automotive world.   Minneapolis can regain this missing district with one driving modification: ‘turn, instead of […]

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Danger: golf in progress.

Minneapolis Should Get Out of the Golf Game

Golf is a game. It’s entertainment. “It’s a good walk spoiled,” Mark Twain said, apocryphally. Could government provide a service that’s less essential? It’s hard to imagine. Nevertheless, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) runs six golf courses. Once upon a time, these courses made money, but those days are gone. The MPRB recently […]

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The DNR are setting up three groundwater management areas in the state to study problems of our aquifers being drawn down to critically low levels. They presented their plan for this at a meeting on Wed. Interestingly, though not too surprisingly, these issues dovetail quite closely with topics on both Streets.MN and Strongtowns. The bulk […]

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[Note: It just occurred to me that this post is the opposite of Betsey's! It could be subtitled: "small steps add up to squat."] Last month, I happened across Conrad deFiebre’s review at MN2020 of Car2Go, the latest innovation in car sharing to hit the streets of Minneapolis. Something caught my eye. Here’s the piece: […]

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Water for our future

Streets.mn has me on assignment in mostly sunnier San Diego, and besides seeing a lot of cool animals, this trip has me thinking about water (ok, not on assignment, but on vacation).  San Diego is classified as semi-arid to arid, receiving less than 12 inches of rain per year.  Typical suburban yards look a lot […]

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What the Trader Joe’s proposal says about us

The events that unfolded during the Uptown Trader Joe’s debate tell us a lot about ourselves. It uniquely touched on many facets of Minneapolis life, and interestingly enough, these were cultural mêlées as much as they were land use battles. Trader Joe’s wants a liquor store. Wine and beer are essential to its business model. […]

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Nicollet, the Greenway and K-Mart: A Vision for Discussion

We’ve all seen it, and by-in-large, we all loathe it: the K-Mart on Lake Street between Blaisdell and 1st Ave S.   You know, that place where Minneapolis’ main street used to come through.  Last spring I had the opportunity to analyze this site in-depth as my landscape architecture and urban planning capstone project. At this […]

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Twin Cities Ten Million!

Planning (and executing plans) is really about liking your future “self”. If you plan well, and do things in advance of their ultimate need, you are being good to your future self. You do things now (burying nuts, saving for retirement, filing paperwork, washing the dishes, forming habits about where you put your keys, etc.) […]

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