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Sunday Summary

The Sunday Summary is being written on Saturday while the summarizer travels from the streets of Jyväskylä, Finland (where there has been no winter whatsoever) back to the streets of Minnesota (where there is all of Finland’s winter in addition to the usual season); late-breaking posts will get wrapped up next week. Big ideas Continuing threads: […]

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We Should Try a Two-Lane University Avenue

[Note: This article was originally written by Dana DeMaster and Andy Singer for the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition.] The current design of University Avenue has for two vehicle travel lanes in each direction (four total travel lanes), but why not examine the benefits of having a single vehicle travel lane in each direction, a parking […]

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University Avenue: designed to be dangerous

It is a known issue that most drivers don’t respect most traffic laws. Recently a reader wrote to us desperately trying to figure out what can be done to make drivers follow the law, specifically stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks along the newly reconstructed Central Corridor. Nobody talks about this major problem, yet we have […]

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We Must Build More Transit and Better Urbanism

Kate Wolford’s Star Tribune commentary calling for more transit was spot on. Our peer cities (Denver, Portland, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, hell, even St. Louis!) are ahead of us in terms of built rail miles, lines and stations. We must do more than catch up to remain an attractive metro area for all. Rail miles, […]

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2012 Best Surviving 19th/Early 20th Century “Main Street” in a Former Railroad/Interurban Town: Stillwater

What is the best surviving Main Street? From the late 19th or early 20th Century? In a former railroad or interurban town? Pretty picky parameters, but our readers have considered the many examples from that era and the winner is (drumroll please)… Stillwater. I get it. Stillwater is a lovely town, as popular as ever […]

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Transit and Density are (Gasp!) Related?

If you listen to the press, bikes are all the rage and new rail transit lines are still the darlings of politicians and transportation planners. Incredibly, what is still overlooked in the mainstream press is the intricate relationship between transportation and land use. Even when it is mentioned, it is often a one-size-fits all scenario. […]

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