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Northeast Minneapolis Art-Sustainability Incubator Coffee Talk

Stop by Water Bar for your morning coffee and sit in with our co-directors and staff of Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association for a short presentation and discussion on the proposed Northeast Incubator project. This collaborative public project is in its early stages of development, and our collaborative of artists, scientists, and neighborhood organizers is looking to gather feedback from others with connection to the northeast neighborhoods and interest in art, as well as sustainable and equitable urban design, development, and community-building efforts. We’re also looking to build working partnerships with other interested organizations, businesses, and residents in northeast Minneapolis who would like to see this project happen.

Read more about the Northeast Incubator project, which is a pilot project to explore the potential of cross-pollinating art, sustainability education, urban design, and community-building practices in Northeast Minneapolis.

A short presentation about the concept and about an upcoming opportunity to pilot the project will be followed by open discussion. We’ll have coffee on hand, all are welcome!

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View of the Minneapolis skyline from St. Anthony Bridge

Sunday Summary – December 4, 2016

Welcome to December!  Thank you to those who attended the streets.mn fundraiser this past week (and those who donated).  Although the event is past, you can read a few posts about why supporting streets.mn is still a good idea from Bill Lindeke, Nicole Mardell, and Janne Flisrand. Supporting streets.mn helps us bring you fine content […]

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Map Monday: Minneapolis Racial Covenants in 1951

Historyapolis‘ amazing work on the history of racism and real estate in the Twin Cities continues with this map showing racial covenants in Minneapolis over time. Here’s the cumulative total (so far!) from 1951.   Racial covenants were part of a suite of racist practices and policies that profoundly shaped Northern cities in the 20th century. […]

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An Unlikely Success: The Dismantling of the Northside Greenway

“City rolls back some aspects of Irving Avenue greenway in north Minneapolis” – Minneapolis Star Tribune (11/19/2016) I read the above headline with disappointment. An experimental tactical urbanism project is coming to an end. Or, as the local paper wittingly puts it, “the experimental greenway project for north Minneapolis, it’s not so green anymore.” Early in […]

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Grander Rounds

The implementation of Saint Paul’s Grand Round has only just begun, and even Minneapolis’ well established and beloved Grand Rounds is still missing a final segment. A pragmatic person might say that now is not the time to consider a metro-wide, bicycle ring road to serve as the cycling equivalent of I-694/494. But what if it largely […]

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Seven Ways Automobility Undermines a City’s Bottom Line, from Least to Most Direct

Earlier this month, both Minneapolis and Saint Paul released their property tax levy numbers, and for both cash-strapped core cities, they went up quite a bit. Despite the recent development booms in both downtowns, the fiscal facts on the ground remain stubborn. Saint Paul and Minneapolis have a lot of needs, and funding them is […]

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The Commons – Some Observations

Since The Commons opened this summer, I’ve visited a few times and passed by several times, making a point of counting patrons and observing how people use this new public green downtown space. After all, how people use a new park is the best indicator of success, right? Here is a collection of observations so […]

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What other neighborhood has so many grocery stores within walking distance? (Not pictured is a potential new grocery store at 26th and Lyndale.)

Big Week at Minneapolis City Planning Commission

On Tuesday, November 1, the Minneapolis City Planning Commission will be voting on three important items that will help shape the future of the city. The first item is a measure to allow intentional communities in Minneapolis. MSPyimby supports the motion, which would create more flexibility for residents who want to live in Minneapolis. According […]

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