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Lessons from the 2011 Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Facts

What is the true price of our dependence on automobiles? Those in favor of pedestrian-oriented planning say repeatedly that a large contribution to our automobile economy is the cost of driving is simple too cheap. Although gas prices continually rise, they still lack to reflect the current amount of resources we have, and the impact […]

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Last Week in MPLS episode 8

In episode 8 of Last Week in MPLS, Scott welcomes Tom back from Alabama and they talk about: Meat and three Druid City Brewing The 61-car pile-up Brian Hart David Foster Wallace biopic, starring Jason Segel and Jesse Rosenberg, shooting in the Mall of America Bob “Again” Carney, Jr. and the mayoral race “Touching up” […]

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Move MN is a Good Compromise

Last week I wrote a column about Move MN, the transportation bill at the legislature, calling it a “litmus test for pragmatism.” Here was the punchline: If I were a legislator representing Saint Paul, at this point I’d remain on the fence about the Move MN legislation. I’d work hard to get MNDOT to commit […]

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The Bypass of Commerce

Let me start off with a question: Do Nicollet or Courtland need bypasses? __ We have a cultural misunderstanding about the economic benefits of mobility. There is no better example than the State of Minnesota’s new $300 million “Corridors of Commerce” program designed to foster “economic growth with transportation investments.” This is a noble goal and it’s […]

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Riding To Lunch In Shoreview

Shoreview’s cycleways are quite inviting; for residents, folks in neighboring communities, and those just passing through. They’re also inviting for the thousands of people who work in Shoreview, but most of these workers don’t have bikes at work to ride. Shoreview recently took a step towards becoming one of the first suburbs, possibly in the […]

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Updating peak travel

For the last few years, I’ve posted about the phenomenon of “peak travel“, or, more accurately, peak auto travel.  Recent news about the Met Council’s decennial Travel Behavior Inventory reminded me, it’s VMT data release time at MNDOT!  Time to update the peak travel meme!  Before we get to that, a quote from Minnpost on […]

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I Stop for People

Hey, I’m walking here!

As a recent transplant to the Twin Cities, I find myself in conversations where people claim things about the self-identified culture in this state like: “Minnesotans are law abiding.” Really? I thought, wondering who all those drivers are in vehicles with Minnesota plates flying by my speed-limit-abiding self on the highway or who don’t stop […]

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