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Memo to Bikers: Follow the Law

“Bikers need to follow the law.” I often think about the cultural acceptance of bike-rider-bashing. Then Melody wrote her piece here about how the media presents crash victims. These thoughts have come and gone for me the years I’ve been a Cyclist Ambassador to Minneapolis, an informal appointment given to anyone who carries a bike […]

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The Truth About the “Dangers” of Winter Cycling

  Yesterday I was biking to work, crossing the Lake/Marshall bridge and hugging the right side of outermost traffic lane, since the bike lane, like most bike lanes in the city, has been repurposed for plowed-snow storage until the end of April. A pickup truck passed me with about a foot to spare, drifting into […]

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University Avenue: designed to be dangerous

It is a known issue that most drivers don’t respect most traffic laws. Recently a reader wrote to us desperately trying to figure out what can be done to make drivers follow the law, specifically stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks along the newly reconstructed Central Corridor. Nobody talks about this major problem, yet we have […]

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I Stop for People

Hey, I’m walking here!

As a recent transplant to the Twin Cities, I find myself in conversations where people claim things about the self-identified culture in this state like: “Minnesotans are law abiding.” Really? I thought, wondering who all those drivers are in vehicles with Minnesota plates flying by my speed-limit-abiding self on the highway or who don’t stop […]

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Rethinking the transportation security complex

After 12 years it’s time for a serious discussion about safety (freedom from accidental harm) and security (freedom from intentional harm). Somehow we still spend every September 11 waxing poetic about precious life and freedoms while simultaneously using it to justify things like invading sovereign countries, spying on peace activists and marketing products. Perhaps most […]

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Fire Safety vs. Suburban Sprawl

A recent piece in the Star Tribune shows how suburban and rural cities are struggling to recruit fire fighters. The piece started an interesting conversation in an Streets.mn email thread, and I want to share part of it. Apparently, the traditional system set up to run fire stations is beginning to break down, particularly in cities […]

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Three Ways to Improve Walkability Without Touching the Street

Most US cities, Minneapolis and St Paul included, are in dire need of traffic calming and complete streets.  Critical streets are dangerously overbuilt: corners have been widened, lanes widened, streets widened. Over the last half century, Herculean governmental and financial efforts have been thrown at reshaping our cities for driving at the expense of those […]

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