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Bottleneck Fix: Turn (Don’t Merge)

One highly trafficked intersection in Minneapolis was layered with interstate lanes in 1971. Although the freeway was buried below, ramps and merging lanes complicate the streets above. This historically influential neighborhood was transformed into a transitory space for the automotive world.   Minneapolis can regain this missing district with one driving modification: ‘turn, instead of […]

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St Paul: Ripe For Ruin

I once asked prominent Saint Paulite, Lucy Berkowitz, what makes Nina’s in Cathedral Hill so popular and why don’t we have places like it in the suburbs. I expected her to say, “great cappuccinos and food provided by awesome employees.” (…and where the largest sign in a place named after St Paul’s most famous madam […]

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What Do You Do with an Old Golf Course?

“Golf course urbanism” has been an obsession of mine for a while, ever since reading Robert Fogelson’s Bourgeois Nightmares, a short and punchy history of pre-war suburbia. I wrote about it on this very site back in the early days: As The New York Times pointed out recently, one reason why golf is waning in […]

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The Streets.MN Rundown

I’m going to steal a little something out of the Strong Towns Playbook (e.g.: Friday News Digest). Sorry Chuck, I’m stealing your idea! How does the saying go? Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery? Here we go … Sidewalk sales? Yes, please!, on Star Tribune Minneapolis is looking to change an ordinance to […]

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Three Ways to Improve Walkability Without Touching the Street

Most US cities, Minneapolis and St Paul included, are in dire need of traffic calming and complete streets.  Critical streets are dangerously overbuilt: corners have been widened, lanes widened, streets widened. Over the last half century, Herculean governmental and financial efforts have been thrown at reshaping our cities for driving at the expense of those […]

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4-to-3 Road Diets: The #1 Thing Cities Can Do Right Away to Improve Quality of Life

I have been re-reading Clay McShane‘s Down the Asphalt Path, an absolutely fascinating history of early 20th century urban engineering and street design debates. The history of asphalt may not sound interesting to you, but the book is absolutely filled with facts that amaze and astound, particularly if you pay any attention to contemporary transportation […]

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