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Analyzing streets.mn NIMBY Usage Trends

Here at streets.mn, we think long and hard about language. For example, we endeavor to resist common planning and engineering tendencies toward the Acronym-ification  of Jargon (AoJ), and we likewise take great pains to please our online stakeholders by avoiding implementation of marginal buzzwords in the name of linguistic vitality. But that said, there’s one […]

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The Truth About the “Dangers” of Winter Cycling

  Yesterday I was biking to work, crossing the Lake/Marshall bridge and hugging the right side of outermost traffic lane, since the bike lane, like most bike lanes in the city, has been repurposed for plowed-snow storage until the end of April. A pickup truck passed me with about a foot to spare, drifting into […]

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Minneapolis Mayoral Transportation Forum Video Roundup

Here is the unofficial Streets.MN Minneapolis Mayoral Transportation Forum Video* Roundup. This event was sponsored by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, Streets.MN, the Interdisciplinary Transportation Student Organization (ITSO), the Minnesota Urban Studies Students Association (MUSSA), UrbanMSP, and the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability. The forum was moderated by Paula Pentel, coordinator of the Urban Studies Program at […]

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Seeking a photo curator

  Are you a photographer, videographer, or just a lover of urban images?  Streets.mn is seeking a volunteer to help us curate our flickr group.  Through flickr, we’d like to collect great images of places, transportation systems, and just interesting things in Minnesota and beyond. Flickr is a great resource for blogging – you can […]

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The Streets.MN Network

Streets.MN is a non-profit network of Minnesota-based writers. We each posts anywhere from about 1 to 3 times per month. Beyond that, we each have our own blogs [see here] that have original content not posted on Streets.MN. I wanted to take time to highlight some of our writers blogs and recent posts. Quick Promo: […]

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From Vacant Places to Growing Spaces: Making the Twin Cities a leader in the local food movement

Urban farming is a hot topic right now. From figuring out the policies and politics around backyard beekeeping or chicken rearing, to full-on community garden spaces, there is no denying that urban agriculture is being rediscovered.  So where is this push coming from? And what resources exist for newbies to the urban farming trend? I sat down […]

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Marq 2

Transportation costs too much

Crossposted at streets.mn and transportationist.org When I was growing up (in suburban Maryland), there was an ad on local TV from Crown Books. Founder Robert Haft asserted “books cost too much”, which led him to create Crown Books, and helped put independent booksellers out of business decades before Amazon became villain #1 among the literati. […]

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