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Bryant Avenue Bridge after a snowstorm

Sunday Summary – January 17, 2016

Another cold, cold Sunday in Minnesota this week which is perfect for staying inside a bit longer to catch up on all the content on streets.mn this week before covering all exposed skin and going out for a walk or a ski or a skate (yes, we’re tough here). Walking, bikes and getting outside The […]

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Sunday Summary – December 27, 2015

Streets.mn is caught in the Christmas vortex with only a few new posts this week, but I’ve taken the liberty of adding some links to older, but related content since easy intertextuality is one of the benefits (?) of the internet. The last minute has passed, of course, but Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite […]

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Sunday Summary – August 23, 2015

The first autumnal sort of days have arrived, leaves are beginning to turn and summer starting to end; our writers must be out enjoying the last bit of it this week.  Or maybe we were too busy getting together to converse and consider Questions and Results from streets.mn Trivia #2.  Test your knowledge, but writing for […]

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Map of the Day: The Southwest Routing We SHOULD Be Building

Much has been written on Streets.MN about the Southwest LRT project (or Green Line Extension if you prefer). Contributors have been arguing the strengths and weaknesses of the approved 3A (Kenilworth) and dropped 3C (Uptown/Nicollet) routings for years. 3A allows for direct interlining with the existing LRT lines (providing operational savings for Metro Transit) and […]

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Minneapolis Buses

Minneapolis Parking Reform: The Cart, the Horse, or Something Else?

This Friday, the Minneapolis City Council will likely adopt new ordinance language that reduces or eliminates minimum parking requirements for multi-family development near high-frequency transit stops. I won’t provide a full summary of the new policy here, or the controversy surrounding a potential exemption for North Minneapolis, but if you’re not familiar with the changes, […]

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