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Sunday Summary

Now that it is really, or at least officially, Spring, streets.mn writers have been busy this week.  Fewer charts, but more longer posts.  The Big Theme this week is: the ways we frame issues and positions matters (or, it’s not “just rhetorical”) Hot button issues: Development politics and policy:  What if Minneapolis Enacted a Moratorium […]

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Protected bikeway in Boulder, CO

Getting the most bike for your buck

This is in response to Kevin Krizek’s recent post, “Diminishing returns of off-street bicycle facilities,” in which he warns Minneapolis against building bike infrastructure that is expensive and ineffective. I share his sentiment, but we disagree on what bike advocates want, and on which measures are the most cost-effective. In this post, I want to make […]

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A Brand New Minneapolis

All right, Minneapolis. As I write this, the day after Election Day, it appears Betsy Hodges could well be the next mayor of Minneapolis. With Lisa Bender, Abdi Warsame and Andrew Jacob Frey knocking off incumbents, the City Council will have seven new members in addition to the mayor. As the final votes are counted […]

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Video Game #Urbanism

Video games have gotten really good. Feel like walking the streets of London? Like, if you haven’t play them in the last half decade, new games will blow your mind. They are detailed, and more times than not, very urban. This is important because, as a character, you’re usually on your feet walking through them. […]

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The Kunstler Schism

The best line from everyone’s favorite Bill Murray / Richard Dreyfus psycho-comdey What About Bob occurs when Murray’s character (Bob) first enters Dreyfus’ office, sits down, and begins answering the doctor’s questions: Dr. Leo Marvin: Are you married? Bob Wiley: I’m divorced. Dr. Leo Marvin: Would you like to talk about that? Bob Wiley: There […]

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The Pros and Cons of Saberurbanism

I have been a baseball fan all my life. I went to my first Twins game at Met Stadium when I was less than a year old (or so I am told), and saw them win the ’91 World Series from the upper deck of the Metrodome. I’ve been following the sabermetric revolution since 2001, […]

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Why Beards are like Good Urbanism

I always enjoyed a good challenge. “A man doesn’t grow a beard. A beard grows a man” – Internet Proverb A beard isn’t something you grow overnight. Neither is a city. Both these seemingly unrelated entities need to mature, fill in and be properly groomed, yet still maintain their distinct ruggedness. But why when it comes […]

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