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Sunday Summary – January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!  We are still in the holiday lull here at streets.mn with even fewer new posts than last week. Fortunately, there’s much wonderful past content to add to this week’s conversation and I’ve linked a few posts which seemed to fit. 15 things I’ve Learned in 1500 Miles of Stroller Running is a listicle […]

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picture of the red light

Signal Timing Transformed My Everyday

  I’ve lived three doors from the intersection of 22nd Street and Hennepin Avenue South for 19 years. I have to cross Hennepin to get to 90 percent of the places I go. For 19 years, my every-day getting-around has been ruled by the insistence of that stoplight rushing drivers north and south along Hennepin, […]

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Sunday Summary – November 22, 2015

Last week, we highlighted our “Streets to the Max” fundraising push; this week, we invite you to our  2015 streets.fundraiser – Thursday, December 17th (click over to buy tickets) to take place “[r]ight next to Holidazzle in Loring Park!” with topical bingo, a silent auction, and yummy refreshments. Streets.mn is raising funds to upgrade this website […]

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Minneapolis Default Modal Priority (draft) pedestrian, transit, bicycle, freight, motor vehicles

The Draft Complete Streets Policy is a Good Start for Minneapolis

Since the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) first recommended the City of Minneapolis pass a “Complete Streets” policy in 2011, the city has been slow to actually pass and institutionalize it. I’m happy to announce that things are moving again! I attended an informal gathering to review the as-of-yet not public policy draft where the general consensus was, “A good start.” Admittedly, it […]

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Chart of the Day: Costs per Passenger-Mile of Different Modes

Via Planetizen, here’s a fascinating chart showing the “total cost” of travel according to different modes. While I’m skeptical about the ability to commensurably compare time with money, that’s basically what this tries to do. Here’s driving vs. walking vs. bicycling: The article, by the indispensable Todd Litman, makes the following argument.. Of course, these […]

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People on Foot: Step Up to Stop the Carnage!

The tragic death of Kunlek Wangmo last week clearly struck a nerve with many people, especially those who live along West 7th Street in Saint Paul, where she was hit and killed by a car while crossing Saint Clair Avenue on her regular daily walk with her husband. For Nicole Mardell, the incident brought back a […]

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Planned Removal of 26th/28th St Pedestrian Medians Indicate Need for Complete Streets

Minneapolis Public Works is planning to remove pedestrian medians from 26th and 28th Streets. This planned removal is both frustrating for its impact for walking and indicative of the opportunity and need of a robust Complete Streets policy in Minneapolis. (Note that local Council Member Alondra Cano is trying to stop their removal until further […]

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Booted From the Hollow; Bounced From the Flats

Saturday, April 18, 2015 Macalester-Groveland, Hamline-Midway, Frogtown, Payne-Phalen (Swede Hollow), Downtown, West End, Highland Park Garages: intentionally functional but not usually stylish and seldom worth more than a glance, but today I saw two within a couple of blocks of each other that break the stereotype. It’s not a garage in the strict sense of […]

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Live Closer To Stuff

I was thinking about writing this post well before today’s Dear smug urbanites, stop ridiculing the suburb I love defens(iveness) of suburban living in the Strib, but that commentary seems like a good motivation to actually sit down and write it. But it’s also a bit funny, because I don’t have much to say to its author. I’m […]

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