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streets.mn runs on volunteer voices. Are you interested in expanding the conversation about land use and transportation issues in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota? Have a topic you’re itching to expose to a broad audience of tens of thousands of local readers? Read on.

cool cats write for streets.mnOur posts range from personal essays to technical analyses and include combinations of everything in between. We welcome varied perspectives, from experienced professionals sharing their own research to high school students sharing a casual observation. Generally a post is 500 to 1000 words long, but some great posts will be shorter or longer than that. Self-made or properly sourced pictures, charts, graphs, and other visual aids will always help you make your point clearly and concisely. We welcome one-off posts as well as new regular writers–if you want to commit to a biweekly or monthly post, we do have a calendar.

We use WordPress, a pretty intuitive publishing platform, to publish posts and organize our site. All submitted posts are vetted by a volunteer editorial group to ensure that they meet the standards of the site. We also offer some help and guidance for new and existing writers through that process. For more information, see our detailed Editorial Policy and Workflow.

To set up a contributor account, get more information, or ask a question about becoming a writer, please email blindeke@gmail.com.