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Parking meter in Uptown

The challenges and benefits of permit parking

Permit parking is one of those things that people seem to love or hate. Love because it provides parking to those who live or work on a crowded street who now get preferential parking or can keep certain livability issues away. Hate because it might push parking congestion a block away or is a hassle […]

The Projections Fallacy

We spend billions every year in this country on our transportation network, large percentages of it based on traffic projections. This despite the fact that we have a long record of not being able to accurately project traffic. The answer isn’t better projections but a better transportation system, one that is robust to modeling error. […]

Streets.MN, by the numbers

Streets.MN has been online for about seven months. We’re a growing website and we’d like to thank those of you who keep coming back. I thought it would be fun to share some of our statistics. Our most popular day is Monday. We get approximately 700 unique visitors on your average Monday. Wednesday appears to […]

Good transit needs good roads

rattle rattle rattle RATTLE rattle rattle rattle KA-BANG! rattle RATTLE rattle rattle rattle I still remember my early excursions on Metro Transit’s old #6 bus to Roseville. Peering out into the dark as I felt the vehicle vibrate as it bounced over every little bump. Those rides were often an assault on my senses, forcing […]

Vibrancy Is For People

Thomas Frank has been making the rounds. Not only has he assumed Lapham’s editor’s chair at Harper’s and re-ignited The Baffler, he lately published a characteristic diatribe that wickedly skewers how the term “vibrancy” is used by non-profit funders, civic boosters, and artists as a façade for economic stability. Don’t get me wrong, I love […]

What if we closed Hennepin?

What if we closed Hennepin Avenue S. to through cars? It is illustrated in the adjoining map. The Design Suppose you created a Hennepin Transit Mall, similar to Nicollet Avenue in downtown or Washington Avenue at the University of Minnesota, with room for bikes, pedestrians, and a high-quality fixed-route transit service connecting Uptown with Downtown […]

Cycling gender gap and local infrastructure decisions

For the past several years, there have been ongoing discussions within the cycling community about why women are statistically underrepresented in cycling rates, and what we should do about it. There continues to be disagreement. The only thing we know for sure, is that women are, in fact, statistically underrepresented. Beyond that, disagreement, speculation, or […]

Are Food Trucks Good or Bad for the Twin Cities?

The Case Against Food Trucks I was at an urban planning function a while back when someone asked me, “What do you think of food trucks?” “I don’t know,” I replied. “They seem pretty good to me.” “They’re terrible!” he or she declared. “They suck all the business from legitimate restaurants. They’re ruining cities. Instead […]

What the Trader Joe’s proposal says about us

The events that unfolded during the Uptown Trader Joe’s debate tell us a lot about ourselves. It uniquely touched on many facets of Minneapolis life, and interestingly enough, these were cultural mêlées as much as they were land use battles. Trader Joe’s wants a liquor store. Wine and beer are essential to its business model. […]

Location, location, location

I’ll start this off by mentioning that Metro Transit is accepting comments on their Central Corridor Transit Service Study until this Monday, July 9th. When I attended a meeting last week, many concerns circled around the reduction of route 94 bus service. I’ve slowly been convinced that this is a reasonable idea, since the projected […]