Monthly Archives: July 2012

Time for Multi-Way Boulevards in Minneapolis

A recent post about multi-way boulevards by our friends at Placemakers got me thinking about Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis (I think about it a lot, especially when I’m attempting to cross it on my bike with my kids in tow, one on the tagalong and one in the Burley). As I wait for the light and watch […]

Twin Cities: Best Cities for Bicycling…to Beer?

(Reposted from The Growler) Sure, Minneapolis has been declared one of Bicycling magazine’s top cities for bicycling—but I’d like to add to that honor by declaring the Twin Cities, as a whole, the best cities for bicycling to beer. Now I realize that my award may not carry the prestige Bicycling magazine’s does, but let me make […]

Do or do not, there is no plan

The local news sourceFinance and Commerce reports that The Metropolitan Council will consider spending more than $740,000 to study building a transitway linking the Hiawatha light rail line and the proposed Southwest line. Possible routes include Lake Street and the Midtown Greenway. This is the Midtown Greenway Streetcar. We know how this story ends. We […]