Monthly Archives: September 2012

Stillwater Lift Bridge Closes; World Doesn’t End

In a taste of what the world would be like if a new boondoggle St. Croix River Bridge were never built, the Stillwater Lift Bridge closed on September 10 for a 3-month rehabilitation project. Thus far, the world has not ended. It should be remembered that one of the key arguments for the new bridge project […]

How to Improve East Lake Street

What is going on with East Lake Street in Minneapolis? That’s the question the Longfellow Community Council (LCC) asked me last year when I was tasked with a market study to determine reasons and solutions for a stubbornly high commercial vacancy rate. The answer goes far beyond waiting for retail demand to return and space […]

Women on Bikes: The National Women’s Cycling Summit

Today marks the kickoff of the National Women’s Bicycling Summit in Long Beach. Hooked up to the end of the Pro Bike/Pro Walk Conference, the scheduling is designed to try to capture some of the same audience and get them talking about women’s cycling issues in more depth than the agenda of a wider conference […] Podcast #9 – The Death and Life of Passenger Rail with Mike Hicks

The next podcast is here! It’s an interview with our very own contributor, Mike Hicks. Mike also blogs about  rail transportation at Hi/Zeph/400, and he and met up a little while ago in downtown Minneapolis next to the old Milwaukee Road Depot. The train station is a hotel now, but that didn’t stop […]

Is “Forgiveness” Just for Auto Drivers?

  There’s been a rash of pedestrian accidents lately. When these accidents get reported in the paper or batted around the water cooler, there are often underlying assumptions about blame.  The stories typically imply that victim was intoxicated, in the wrong place, young, old, or unhelmeted (for bicyclsits). Because we all drive almost all the […]

Who will raise my Taxis

Taxis are an essential feature of an urban transportation system where travelers must go from point to point but lack automobiles. This mainly occurs in two situations: first where travelers do not possess a car, and fixed route transit is nonexistent or inadequate; second, where travelers are coming from out of town, and do not […] Podcast #8 – Charles Avenue Friendly Streets with Lars Christiansen

The next podcast is here! This episode is an interview with Lars Christiansen, one of the organizers of the Charles Avenue Friendly Streets Initiative. The Initiative was an attempt in St Paul to develop bottom-up strategies for designing streets that better serve the residents of the Frogtown and Hamline-Midway areas in St Paul, along […]

Placing bets on a casino connection

Take a moment to imagine that you are working on a new transportation service. It should be able to operate in the black by taking a straight shot between two significant population centers, but there’s an opportunity to deviate away from the straight route for a few miles to make a big boost to the […]