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Podcast #14 – Bicycles and Equity along Franklin Avenue with Melody Hoffmann

The latest podcast is here! This week we have a conversation with Melody Hoffmann, a phd candidate in the Communication Studies department at the University of Minnesota. Melody is researching bicycling advocacy and gentrification issues in the US, in places like Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Portland Oregon. We met up at the Seward Pizzza Luce a […]

Things that go BURP in the night

“If you’ve got nothing better to do this Tuesday than hanging around on the streetcorner violating the Minneapolis Lurking Ordinance, why not join me for a meeting of the Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning (BURP)?” – Twin City Sidewalks blog. Yes, join the Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning tonight … 5 pm Tuesday […]

Is the jig up?

In the boom years, cities got very lazy with the assessment process, allowing the general widespread rising of property values to cover up their poor practices. Few have adjusted to the new reality. Now that the market has changed, a very clear statement from the legal system reaffirming that actual property values need to measurably increase would […]

When the humble bus stop is a little too humble

View Larger Map This is the busiest transit stop in the state of Minnesota, seeing about 4,300 boardings daily, though you’d never know it by looking. It’s on the south side of City Center on 7th Street and Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, and lacks most of the amenities you’d expect to find at a location […]

Denver Union Station Sets a Mile-High Bar for Rail Hubs

Denver Union Station may well be the most impressive rail hub project in the United States today. I must admit to being pretty wowed by the presentation for development of the station and its 20-acre environs at the ULI Fall Meeting in Denver last week. For one, it isn’t just a proposal; it is under […]

The Limits to Educational Campaigns

  The list of recent pedestrian fatalities is long: take the accident in Ramsey where an elderly couple was killed by a car, or the death of Cleo Thiberge St Paul. Partly in response to the wave of recent accidents, MN-Dot has launched a new pedestrian safety campaign. You’ve probably seen some of the cute billboards […]

Toronto v. Minneapolis

I first went to Toronto when I was 12. I had been following the city for a few years, having written to the city’s economic development / tourism office asking for reading materials as a young wannabe planner the summer before (along with about 50 other North American cities, whose addresses I obtained from the […]

Understanding the Use of Non-Motorized Transportation Facilities

A recent report by researchers Greg Lindsey, Kristopher Hoff, Steve Hankey, and Xize Wang from the University of Minnesota is available for download from the Center for Transportation Studies website here. The report is titled Understanding the Use of Non-Motorized Transportation Facilities, and it is a fantastic read for anyone interested in bicycle and pedestrian counts in […]

Podcast #13 – Development Challenges of East Lake Street with Sam Newberg

  This week’s podcast is a roundtable conversation about East Lake Street featuring Sam Newberg, one of our regular contributors. As part of his day job, Sam recently completed a study on development potential of the East Lake corridor, which runs from Hiawatha East to the Mississippi River. Sam, Spencer Agnew, Nate Hood and myself met […]

The Streets.MN Network

Streets.MN is a non-profit network of Minnesota-based writers. We each posts anywhere from about 1 to 3 times per month. Beyond that, we each have our own blogs [see here] that have original content not posted on Streets.MN. I wanted to take time to highlight some of our writers blogs and recent posts. Quick Promo: […]