Monthly Archives: October 2012

Investment Ready Places

There are countless people working today to solve the myriad of complex problems we face in America. Few are as bold, yet practical, as a new initiative from called Investment Ready Places. It is one part triage, one part aspiration. It is exactly the kind of thinking we need right now. The contributors at Street […]

Improving Community through Progressive Approaches to Construction Mitigation

Infrastructure projects such as road construction and bridge re-building are more than just public works endeavors. They are events that affect the whole community. Like any disruptive event, construction can pull a community apart or bring it together. If approached holistically with intentional collaboration and wisely applied funding, we can have better roads, and stronger […]

New light-rail vehicles bring a fresh look to Twin Cities transit

Metro Transit officially unveiled their first new Siemens-built light-rail vehicle on Wednesday, previewing what most of the Twin Cities light-rail fleet will look like just a few years from now.  It also marked the first showing of vehicles with the new “METRO” branding which will be used on light rail and bus rapid transit lines […] Podcast #12 – Twin Cities v. Europe with Douglas Mack

In this episode, I sat down with Douglas Mack, a funny and brilliant  travel writer based in Minneapolis. His recent book, Europe on Five Wrong Turns a Day, is a tale of venturing through Europe using a guide book from 1963, and in our conversation, I chatted with Doug about his travels, particularly trying to […]

We Must Do More to Improve Hiawatha Avenue Crossings

It is time to stop letting the highway standards dictate pedestrian safety improvements along Hiawatha Avenue. Anyone who has crossed Hiawatha Avenue on foot or by bicycle knows it’s a pretty rough go. Even with an actual walk signal illuminated the experience feels like taking your life in your hands, and I constantly rubberneck to […]

Placemaking Adventures in Suburbia

We all know the scene: a typical busy suburban intersection, cars going 45 mph+ on 4-8 lanes of road, a few strip retail centers each with a lake of parking in front. Sometimes – if you are lucky – there are some extras: a lonely bus stop, a newer project that attempts to engage the […]

Good Ideas in Transportation – A Streetstorm

Ok, Streets.MN folks, this is a survey. We bloggers are well known for complaining about things. Transportation seems to progress slowly, yet we know it can go faster. Well, what are the best ideas in the transportation field? We don’t want to talk about specific projects, rather what are the “best” ideas, policies and technologies […]

Moving incrementally towards robot cars

Safety on U.S. roadways has been steadily improving since the 1970’s. In 2010, 32,885 persons were killed in crashes involving motorized vehicles, the lowest number recorded since 1949. The largest number of traffic fatalities was recorded in 1972, when 54,589 persons were killed. We have made substantial improvement in reducing the overall number of fatalities. […]

In Defense of Texting and Driving*

I found myself stuck in traffic last week during rush hour on Highway 62 running along the southern border of Minneapolis into St. Paul. As I was creeping along at a snail’s pace, my phone beeped. Without hesitation, I picked up my phone and texted a friend with one hand while keeping the other on […]