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2012 Best Pedestrian Shopping Street: Hennepin Avenue

Welcome to the first annual Best of The City Awards. Over the last week, we have over 100 people take our quick vote / survey about the best and worst of planning and urban design in Minnesota, and the results are in! Over the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing with you a delightful […]

In praise of contiguity

In February of 1999 I visited Minneapolis with my then fiancé to decide whether to take a job at the University of Minnesota. It was Valentine’s Day, and unseasonably warm (high 40s F), and there was snowmelt and piles on the ground, but the streets and sidewalks were not covered. We asked the concierge at […]

Crosswalk Creeps: An educational filmstrip

This is Edward G. Robinson; I’ve been torn from my eternal slumber to warn you about a dangerous new wave of degeratism sweeping across this country.  But first, some rules: No talking during the filmstrip. No sleeping during the filmstrip. If you have to go to the bathroom, be sure to get some ice for […]

A Salute To Snowy Streets

As the Twin Cities and the Minnesota area recover from a “winter snow event,” it is time to pay tribute to those who make the streets and sidewalks of Minnesota interesting. First:We live in Minnesota. Why, oh why, do people forget how to drive on snow and ice annually? This is a life skill, much […]

Tax Land, Not Buildings

Earlier this year, the city of Minneapolis received a grant from Met Council to study possible strategies for doing away with its over-abundance of downtown surface parking. For lots of reasons, the fact that surface parking covers one-third of the entire surface area of downtown is bad news for the city. One solution to this […]

Best of 2012

To celebrate the Mayan Apocalypse, Streets.MN is pleased to announce its first annual “Best Of” survey. We are asking YOU, our loyal readers, to vote for the Best Of in a variety of streety categories. Click here to take survey. VOTING CLOSES MIDNIGHT FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2012.

Saint Paul Union Depot reopening tomorrow

After laying dormant for 41 years, the concourse and waiting room of the Saint Paul Union Depot will reopen to the public tomorrow, Saturday, December 8th. The reopening comes after a two-year, $243 million rehabilitation of the massive building and the 33-acre site it occupies, which included $148 million in construction and renovation plus $95 […]

Be Careful Crossing the Street

“Before you cross the street, take my hand.’ John Lennon, Beautiful Boy. As much as I like the music of the Beatles, unfortunately the advice given by this John Lennon solo lyric is only somewhat helpful, my son. Now that you are riding your own bike with me, Ellis, you need to know that you […]

Will Rybak follow through on his plan for “Washington Boulevard”?

Five years ago, RT Rybak made my day. Somehow I ended up at an event he was hosting at the Riverview Theater. I think I had glanced at an announcement in the newspaper, some sort of meeting about architecture and city planning for Minneapolis. Being an underemployed urban peripatetic, I had nothing better to do. […]