I Love Trees

A tree-lined path at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden by flickr user LizNemmers

A tree-lined path at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden by flickr user LizNemmers

One of the reasons I choose to live in an older neighborhood is the trees.  Living on or moving down a tree-lined street with canopy coverage from curb to curb is just great.  Minneapolis, Saint Paul and many suburbs are blessed with large, old trees.  Minneapolis was recently recognized by American Forests as being one of the 10 best cities for urban forests.  I do think trees are better at being “awesome” when they’re paired with relatively narrow streets (for the canopy effect), but that may be personal taste.

Besides being beautiful, trees provide shade, which is both nice and energy-saving, serve as natural stormwater treatment devices, increase property values and sequester carbon.  Some studies even indicate that visual exposure to trees has mental and physical health benefits and improves academic performance.

Tree lovers will especially enjoy Red Cedar Lane in Minneapolis, Victory Memorial Drive, spotting a Heritage tree in their neighborhood, or perhaps just climbing one.

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One Response to I Love Trees

  1. David Greene February 12, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

    Trees make a huge difference. Drive down Portland Ave. around about 40th St. or so and look at the streetscape. It looks like a new suburban development (probably much as it looked in the 1920’s!).

    This is where the tornado went through a few years ago. It’s an amazing contrast to the feel just a few blocks away where old growth still stands.

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