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Podcast #35 – Twin Cities Greenways with Dacia Durham and Matthew Hendricks

The podcast this week is a conversation with Dacia Durham and Matthew Hendricks, leaders of the Twin Cities Greenways project on Minneapolis’s North Side. The Greenways initiative is aiming to build a series of greeways, or pedestrian and bicycle streets through Minneapolis and Saint Paul, that would give people transportation options similar to the successful […]

The Yard at Downtown East

In a veritable bacchanalia of developments, we have seen three major inter-related activities in Minneapolis’s Downtown East: Washington Avenue has been covered extensively on Streets.MN already, so I won’t go further into that now. The others are the Star Tribune site and the Stadium. The Yard The Ryan proposal for redeveloping the Star Tribune site […]

Minnesota Vikings Stadium Needs Better Urban Design

The architecture of the Minnesota Vikings Stadium: take it or leave it? Personally, I think it looks like a cross between a laser jet printer, a drunk Frank Gehry and something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is not a compliment. However, be this as it may, preference on architectural styling, no one should […]

Clarifying the Minneapolis Event Rate Meter Parking Debacle

Reading about Pat Borzi’s MinnPost article about the on-street parking system ($15 to park on street for Vikings game? Minneapolis smart meters raise rates for big events) hit me right at home. I read this as a raging left-winged Michael Moore fan might watch an O’reilly Factor broadcast – exasperated, frustrated, and wanting to throw […]

Podcast #34 – The Future of Car Sharing with Christopher Bineham

This week’s podcast is a conversation with Christopher Bineham, program manager for Hourcar, a local nonprofit car sharing operator in the Twin Cities. Christopher and I sat down last week on the patio at Fabulous Fern’s on Saint Paul’s Selby Avenue to talk about the debates over car sharing policies in Minneapolis, why car sharing […]


This post will be unpopular. I went with my family to an event for National Train Day (as suggested by a recent post by Julie). We drove to St. Paul since the Green Line is not yet open. Driving is break-even with paying for 3 fares on the bus round-trip, and my once non-driving, Amtrak-riding […]

Streets Weekend: Hooray! Hooray! May 11 is National Train Day!

Saturday, May 11 is National Train Day. In the past, I wrote a post about local train-related activities for the wee ones and their posse of elders. Today, there are a number of local activities of interest to rail fanatics, kids, and the curious to celebrate National Train Day. Amtrak has a National Train Day […] Voter Guide – Chris Lautenschlager, Ward 12

Our latest (11th) response to the Voter Guide is from Chris Lautenschlager, candidate in Ward 12, which includes south Minneapolis on either side of Hiawatha Avenue. 1. What do you believe is the most significant land use and/or transportation issue facing Minneapolis in the next 5 years and how do you hope to address […]

2035 Predictions for Washington Avenue Offer Precision Without Accuracy

Yesterday, Brendon Slotterback (my colleague here on tweeted something that caught my brain. It was about the plans for Washington Avenue through downtown Minneapolis: The comment was a reaction to a debate taking place online this week (in admittedly small circles) about the recently released Hennepin County study on over traffic projections and alternatives […]

The electric future is quietly arriving

Something remarkable happened last year: The country’s mix of alternative-fueling infrastructure for cars suddenly flipped from being dominated by biofuels and lighter fossil-fuel byproducts to being primarily composed of electric charging stations—at least if you go by the pure numbers.There is an asterisk by “Electric” in the legend of the chart above, and the footnote […]