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Let’s stop calling people “NIMBYs”

In my first post here, I come to you, oh humble readers of, hoping to change your mind about one of the trendy words we urbanists throw around too often. The acronym NIMBY, which of course stands for “Not In My BackYard”, popped up at some point a few decades ago and has since […]

Lakeside Commons Beach

Too Little Parking? It Does Happen, In Fact

I’ve written previously about the angst and mayhem surrounding the parking situation at Blaine’s Lakeside Commons Park. To recap the history of this park and its parking situation: Lakeside Commons Park was opened in 2010 and built using standard set-aside land and monies from housing development in Blaine. The park has many features and amenities, […]

Traffic on Washington Avenue – Raw data edition

Prompted by Brendon’s recent post (and a Twitter conversation with Ethan and Janne), I got interested in some of the traffic counts and engineering on Washington Avenue. I looked at the Washington Avenue Traffic Operation Analysis by Alliant Engineering for Hennepin County. On p.11 of this document are traffic “counts” the report said were collected […]

Time Evolution of Twin Cities

Google Earth Engine lets you see the evolution of Landsat photos. We did this for the Twin Cities. Go here: Timelapse of Minneapolis – Saint Paul Andrew notes: I think the most amazing thing is seeing the path of the Minneapolis tornado appear in 2011

We Must Build More Transit and Better Urbanism

Kate Wolford’s Star Tribune commentary calling for more transit was spot on. Our peer cities (Denver, Portland, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, hell, even St. Louis!) are ahead of us in terms of built rail miles, lines and stations. We must do more than catch up to remain an attractive metro area for all. Rail miles, […]

Podcast #33 – Minneapolis Ward 4 with City Council Candidate Kris Brogan

The podcast this week is another in our string of city council candidates, a conversation with Kris Brogan, who is running for city council in minneapolis’s Ward  4. The fourth ward covers the top of north Minneapolis, along the northern border of the city before it turns into robbinsdale and Brooklyn Center. Kris Brogan was […]

1st Annual Minneapolis Bike ‘n’ Brew Tour

Whatcha’ doing this Friday night at 5pm? Nothing? Oh, that’s cool. Kinda. Join local urban and transportation celebrity bloggers on the 1st Annual Minneapolis Bike ‘n’ Brew Tour. The route is a simple 8 (eight) miles that start at Harriet Brewing Company at 5pm. The route will then progress up through Northeast as the night goes on. […]

“Downtown is For People” Fifty-five Years Later

I discovered Jane Jacobs rather late. It was 2003 a few years after college. Due to insufficient funds, I’d recently moved home from New York City, into my mother’s basement back in Saint Paul, and was spending much of my time reading books. The way I remember it, I was reading through a book of […]

Minneapolis Should Focus on Data When Selecting Car-Sharing Provider

As a transportation researcher and a student of urban planning at the University of Minnesota, I am interested to learn of the City Council’s current efforts to select a provider for a city-wide on-street car sharing service. On May 1, the Star Tribune reported that city staff had recommended that the Council “authorize staff to negotiate terms […]

The case for (and against) public subsidy for roads

This post is co-authored with David King (a displaced Minneapolitan who lives in New York, and who blogs at Getting from here to there) In recent weeks we have thought about public subsidy for transit and university subsidy for parking. But what about roads? Are roads worthy of public subsidy? Let’s think about our framework of excludability vs. […]