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Transportation and distorted affordability

Mortgage lenders turn a blind eye to the transportation costs of homebuyers, and that’s bad for borrowers, banks, and urbanism. When a bank is deciding whether or not to lend you money to buy a home, they don’t really care whether you can afford to repay the loan, because they’re not holding on to your […]

Cities Need More Flexiblity about Bike Parking

Bike racks might not seem like much. And, really, they’re not. Bike racks are simply a small piece of metal embedded into the ground. But they’re a small important part of the picture, one step toward changing our cities. Honestly, most of the time, parking your bike is pretty easy. There is usually a street […]

A Wink And A Nod—Beliefs, Laws, and Turning Right On Red (Part II)

A Wink And A Nod—Teaching Our Kids To Be Criminals (Part I) is here. In a discussion of plans for an intersection that some of us are trying to make more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, the traffic engineer for the project said that she could add some no-turn-on-red signs to help alleviate the quite dangerous […]

Opinion: Ideas for the Minneapolis Riverfront

  With the kick-off this week of the Central Riverfront Park Master Planning process, this is a timely opinion piece submitted to Mill City Times by John Erwin, President of the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board. From John Erwin, President, MPRB The Minneapolis downtown riverfront has incredible potential to become a unique landmark and entertainment […]

Gold Medal Park

The Mill District should be Loopier: On the creation of new old neighborhoods

I have recently spent some time milling about in the Minneapolis Mill District and part of the North Loop neighborhoods. These are hugely changed (and improved) over the past 15 years. The North Loop took off first, with conversion of old warehouses, and then a lot of infill development. The “northeast” part of the neighborhood […]

Saint Paul & Minneapolis Commute Mode Share Comparison

2012 ACS non-motorized mode share estimates

The American Community Survey (ACS) 2012 1-year estimates were released recently, and the Star Tribune ran a piece titled ‘Minneapolis sees surge in residents choosing to walk or bike to work’. More than 11 percent of the city’s residents opted for one of the two nonmotorized options in 2012, the Census Bureau’s American community Survey […]

Then & Now: Minneapolis’ Loring Park

A few weeks ago, I posted a Then & Now picture of the neighborhood surrounding the Cathedral in downtown Saint Paul. It’s only fitting that we look at the neighborhood surrounding the Basilica in downtown Minneapolis, as the contrast is just as striking.  This is the location of the infamous Lowry Hill Tunnel, as well […]

Podcast #45 – Saint Paul’s Ward 1 with City Council Candidate Johnny Howard

The podcast this week is a conversation with Johnny Howard, a long-time neighborhood organizer who is running for City Council in Saint Paul’s Ward 1. I’ve already interviewed two candidates for the open seat in Ward One on this podcast, but Johnny Howard is the only one who has experience running in this race, having […]

Photo Friday

                      My first choice photo happened to be one with snow in it, but I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself (/ruin everyone’s Friday) so here’s a cheerier image of Milwaukee Avenue in the Seward neighborhood in honor of the Autumnal Equinox on […]