Monthly Archives: September 2013

Introducing a New Contributor to Streets.MN: Rick Harrison

A few days ago I was asked if I wanted to be a regular contributor to Streets.MN. Of course I answered, and hopefully I can offer a different viewpoint which I hope many will agree with and certainly some will object to. This is a recent picture I took of the 169-494 interchange – I […]

Then & Now: Saint Paul’s Seven Corners

This the Seven Corners area of Saint Paul, running down the hill from the cathedral toward the river and downtown. On the top is an aerial photo taken in 1947 and again by satellite today (click it a few times to enlarge it, if you wanna dive in). So many differences! Note the absence and […]

Friday Photo – Washington Avenue

  The Green Line light rail project will connect downtown St. Paul with downtown Minneapolis and is set to begin service in 2014. I happen to work on this block so have witnessed the gradual changes over the years as construction of the project progressed. When I found these two images, I was really struck […]

Our Fair State: The Belated Edition

I made it out of the Cities not once, but twice visiting two very different places during the month of August. I spent the first weekend in Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan, and later in the month I was on Washington Island off of Door County, Wisconsin. It was my first real visit to the […]

Minneapolis Monarch Festival: Next stop, Mexico.

A few years ago there was this spot on my dog-walking route where about 800 monarchs would be resting on flowers, then flutter their wings in an explosion of color as soon as I walked by. Sadly, these days, my monarch sightings are few and far between. All the more reason to get to the […]