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Mikael Colville-Andersen – Why We Shouldn’t Bike with a Helmet

The bicycle helmet debate has been raging for a long time–even on the pages of In this presentation from 2010, Mikael Colville-Andersen talks about how important the bicycle is for liveable cities and how bicycle helmets are threatening bicycle culture.

Washburn Ave in the 1940s

Completing Richfield’s Streets

The City of Richfield has all the bones of a good place to walk. It has higher density than any other major suburb. It has a nearly intact urban grid. It has better transit service than any other suburb, and in some regards, better than most of South Minneapolis. But as almost anyone who has […]

Would you spur swimmers to the beaches of Amity Island?

Jaws, the blockbuster thriller film from the mid 1970’s was the highest grossing film ever until Star Wars was released two years later. The mechanical shark, the beach scenes on Amity Island, and the music score brought it all together.  The dynamic between the obdurate mayor (Richard Vaughn) and the police chief (Martin Brody) largely […]

2013 Best New Development: 222 Hennepin

At the turn of the 21st century, there were zero (0) grocery stores in Downtown Minneapolis. Today, there are three. A couple months ago, Ryan Companies completed 222 Hennepin, a full-block development at the corner of Hennepin and Washington Avenues, previously home to a Jaguar dealership. The property had been sitting vacant since the mid-aughts […]

Podcast #53 – Saint Paul Trending with Mayor Chris Coleman and Councilmember Dave Thune

The podcast this week is a pair of conversations about Saint Paul, Minnesota’s capitol city. The first is with Saint Paul’s very own mayor, Chris Coleman, about his development and transportation plans for his upcoming term. Coleman was handily re-elected last month, and we chatted about the long list of exciting projects going up in […]

The Truth About the “Dangers” of Winter Cycling

  Yesterday I was biking to work, crossing the Lake/Marshall bridge and hugging the right side of outermost traffic lane, since the bike lane, like most bike lanes in the city, has been repurposed for plowed-snow storage until the end of April. A pickup truck passed me with about a foot to spare, drifting into […]

2013 Best Adaptive Reuse of a Building or Infrastructure: Town Hall Lanes and Schmidt Artist Lofts

And the winner is …   _______________ ADVERTISEMENT ________________ If you like Streets.MN, please consider joining! We would love to have your support. Thank you! Now, continuing our “Best of” Series … _______________ ADVERTISEMENT ________________   It’s a tie! Town Hall Lanes (34th & 50th, Minneapolis) and Schmidt Artist Lofts (W. 7th & St. Clair, St. Paul) both secured 32% of the […]

Introducing the Arch de Star and Tribune

This interesting architecture proposal crossed my desk today, and I wanted to throw it out there. Minneapolis has been so consistently good  at tearing down buildings over the last century, it’d be nice to slow that process. Any thoughts about this?   Here’s the email from the architect: I understand that a final vote on […]