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2013 Best Place for Local Music: First Avenue

To many, music is not an activity, it is a lifestyle. Music is both a science and an art, and to find an establishment in both crafts, one must always start in the trenches within respective locales. Very few musical acts, if any, start in a national scene, and must always climb out of the […]

MnDOT & Met Council to Host Transportation Town Halls

Minnesota Department of Transportation Commissioner Charlie Zelle and Metropolitan Council Chair Sue Haigh will be hosting a series of metro-area town halls to discuss transportation — including bicycle transport and transit — on several upcoming dates. Dates include: Tuesday, Dec. 10 – St. Paul Union Depot, Veterans Gallery, 214 E. 4th Street., St. Paul Thursday, […]

Time to Raise Expectations for The Yard – A World Class Downtown Park

The Yard is the name of the 3.4-acre open space proposed as part of the redevelopment of five blocks of Star Tribune land adjacent to the new Minnesota Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis. With all the attention being given to the stadium and secondarily to attracting Wells Fargo as a major office tenant in the […]

2013 Best Way to Spend A Weekend Day With Kids: Minnehaha Falls

Kids. Sometimes, you can’t live with them, and you can’t just stick them in a closet and convince them that it’s a pretend Zombie Invasion Drill while you hit the flask. What’s a responsible parent to do? Get everyone of the house, of course! Our Streets.MN readers clearly prefer the great outdoors for these moments, […]

2013 Best Neighborhood Business Node in Minneapolis: 48th Street and Chicago

The votes are in! South Minneapolis’s 48th and Chicago edged out Southeast Minneapolis’s Dinkytown by two votes as the city’s Best Neighborhood Business Node. The final tally was 19 votes to 17. The next runners up were 38th and Nicollet in South Minneapolis (12 votes) and Central and Lowry in Northeast (11 votes). No other […]

2013 Best Neighborhood Business Node in Saint Paul: Selby and Western

If the Streets.MN Best of awards had included a category for Loveliest Neighborhood Business Node in Saint Paul, Selby and Western would’ve won that hands down. But Selby and Western didn’t need the lovely qualifier to win this category with 32.1% of the vote (26 votes out of 81). The runners up were: Snelling and […]

Does Bettridge’s Law of Headlines Apply to Posts?

I just learned about Bettridge’s Law of Headlines, which states that: Betteridge’s law of headlines is an adage that states: “Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.” It is named after Ian Betteridge, a British technology journalist,[1] although the general concept is much older.[2] The observation has also been called “Davis’ law“[3][4] or just the “journalistic principle“.[5] Betteridge […]

Better Bus Stops

Bus stops are making the big time. Metro transit is launching an Enhanced Transit Information Signage Survey (The ETISS). All are encouraged to participate. Metro Transit wants to enhance information at bus stops. Please answer a few quick questions to help us identify new improvements. Also, Eric Roper has a nice article in today’s Strib: Building a Better […]

2013 Best Minnesota County Seat: Grand Marais

Don’t get me wrong, Grand Marais is probably my favorite town in Minnesota, even beating out my ancestral homeland, New Ulm. I wrote a fairly extensive piece about this gem of the North Shore on my personal blog (full disclosure: my personal blog is written by me personally). But I gotta wonder about the perversity […]