Detritus of Winter

Dare I say it, another winter has passed. (A view of the end of Winter from about a month and a half ago can be seen here) In terms of narrative arc, the year is just depressing, running from the depths of winter to the depths of winter. A good dramatic structure would at least have the people leave (and enter) the year smiling, looking forward to Spring, being cathartically relieved of Winter by the new Spring. In short, New Year’s Day should be the near the Spring Equinox not the Winter Solstice. [This is true in many cultures]

The Detritus of Winter, the road winds up on the sidewalk

The Detritus of Winter, the road winds up on the sidewalk

Instead we are just beginning to enjoy the year in May, here in the northland, and we still see the detritus of Winter. In this case, all of the remnants of snow piles that were placed on sidewalks by snowplows so that the streets would be cleared for motor vehicles. This flotsam and jetsam of the road is transferred to sidewalks, and ultimately to the river.

A few more winters and East River Road and  Franklin Avenue will cease to be, pining for the Fjords, being returned by nature and Mr. Plow to its indigenous state.

Even the massive rainstorms of the past week are insufficient to remove this rubble. At least it adds traction.