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Why Don’t More Minneapolitans Bike, Walk, or Take Transit?

For the data lovers out there… Minneapolis is a relatively dense residential city with a fairly dense central business district (5th highest job density in the country).  Minneapolis is also consistently rated one of the best cities for cycling in the country (as if that really means much). Yet as a city we probably under-perform on […]

Map of the Day: Minnesota June Rainfall Relative to Mean

  This map shows how far above “average” our rainfall this month has been for different parts of the state. (Note: this doesn’t include this weekend’s storms.) Point being, we have had a lot of rain! [From Kenny Blumenfeld’s weather blog.]

Central Vienna

Vienna Waits for You

I was recently invited to visit Austria by Advantage Austria as part of a delegation to learn about their Smart Grids and Smart Networks. But what I really wanted to see was the legendary city of Vienna, at whose gates the Ottomans were halted. Those defensive walls are no longer present, and it is their […]

Sunday Summary – June 29, 2014

Summer has been heating up and, as always this time of year, the streets of downtown Northfield (and perhaps near your neighborhood ice cream shop) are dotted with tasty puddles of melted ice cream (or so my dog tells me). News: The Green Line is still news (after being running for 2 whole weeks) and […]

Minneapolis Pride

The Twin Cities Pride parade marches down Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis tomorrow. To mark the occasion, MnDOT usually switches the lighting on the underside of the I-35W bridge to a rainbow pattern. The first time it did this was in 2011. This is a short timelapse film I made showing the bridge from a vantage […]

Hiawatha Line Grand Opening (10 year anniversary)

This week was the 10 year anniversary of the Metro Blue Line (formerly known as the Hiawatha Line) in Minneapolis. There’s lots of great stuff in this video and everyone is 10 years younger. Video from June 26, 2004, the Grand Opening of the Hiawatha Line by John Akre of greenjeansmedia.

Padova’s (Italy) Cycling Potential

Below is the next entry in the EU BICI series which includes: Seville (Spain), Bologna, Ferrara (Italy), Berlin , Munich (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), and Cambridge (U.K.). There is reason to believe that Padova—a town with more than 200,000 people in the Veneto region in the north of Italy—is capable of becoming one of the country’s best cycling towns. Some places in Italy stand out in one dimension of a […]

Chart of the Day: Employment Automation & the Changing Workforce

  This chart shows how “robots” “technology” (read: automation) have transformed some key industries in the US over the decade or so. It’s interesting in as much as it destabilizes some assumptions about the future workforce needs. [Source: New York Times, via The Big Picture.]