Chart of the Day: car2go Growth in Minneapolis

car2go-rentals-chart car2go-rentals-chart-2


Here are two charts from the recent car2go quarterly report for the City of Minneapolis. Saint Paul is set to discuss (and likely approve) a car2go contract at their City Council meeting this evening.

2 thoughts on “Chart of the Day: car2go Growth in Minneapolis

  1. Kyle Rosenberg

    I’ve always been curious about how much $$ Car2Go takes in from rentals.
    3150 rentals per week * 4 weeks in a month * 21.34-minute rental * $0.38/minute = $102,175.92 per month

  2. Mike Hicks

    I was thinking that the 1.25 rentals per day seemed pretty low, considering how often a typical household will be driving (twice a day for commuting, usually with a couple more for food/errands/etc.). But, they said the program had 8,224 members at the end of the reporting period, so the average member is only doing one rental every 2.6 weeks. Unfortunately, they don’t give any figure for “active” members, as far as I can tell. But, I dunno, I’ve been taking transit, walking, and biking a lot over the past few years — particularly now that I have a job on downtown Saint Paul — and I often go 2 weeks or so without driving. It may be hard to tell the active and inactive users apart.

    On average, each car is only being used about 27 minutes each day, so there’s a lot of room for the system to grow without increasing the fleet size.

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